Friday, October 16, 2009

A Fairy Wedding and Gerbras

I love to post photographs on the Lens.Us.Together site and this week their theme was In Season.  Well I struggled with that because the first thing I thought of was seasons in my life.  I guess becasue right now I feel like I am in such a season of change that was what first came to my mind.  How do you photograph that?  So I went with a magpie theme.  We have several families of Magpies near us and they spend a lot of their time eating out of our dogs food bowls.  They bring their new babies every year to and it is lovely to see them grow and then bring their babies to show us.  But anyway I hve so many thoughts about seasons at the moment.  It's Spring right now and the flowers are beautiful.  Yesterday when I was grocery shopping I couldn't help but buy myself a bunch of gerbras.  Adrian has always disliked gerbras, he call them old people's flowers.  You know how all of our grandmas had a few spindly gerbras growing in the little garden either side of the path to the front door.  They looked like starving star fish on scraggy stalks and only came in red, yellow and orange.  Well the fantastic blooms I bought yesterday were nothing like grandmas.
And along with the flowers I bought apples, delicious, crisp, red, sweet Pink Ladies.  And Bosc Pears my absolute favourites.

I love this season, I love the summer fruits that will follow soon, nectarines, peaches, mangos oh my it will be so good.  But about the apples, years ago my twins spent a holidy with my mum.  Mum's pretty creative and she set the girls the task of painting a picture for me and writing and learning a poem for me.  Well Mum thought it was wonderful, the girls on the other hand were bored after the second day and wanted to go to the beach and swim, not paint and learn poetry.  They said nothing though and dutifully painted and recited until they had it perfect.  It was so sweet
This is their poem.....

Fairy Wedding

There's been a Fairy Wedding in the orchard on the hill.
It must have happened late last night when all the world was still.
For when I woke this morning,
What do you think I found?
Why drifts of pink confetti scattered on the ground.
Oh, I wish I could have seen them dancing in the breeze
And watched the fairy wedding beneath the apple trees.

This is the painting they did for me, isn't it just so sweet.  Ashleigh and Danielle were about 6 years old, maybe 7 when they did it and it is something I will keep for ever probably.  It's not on display anywhere in the house, but I have it tucked away where I can look at it and smile now and then.  I wonder if when I am a grandma I will do things like this with my grandchildren.  Maybe not paintings and poetry, but something that will place a memory in their hearts of time with me.  I hope so.  Have a nice weekend all.


  1. What a great piece of artwork you have from your children. Beautiful treasure, Today I shovelled snow here, so your flowers to me look like gifts from God. Take care. Have a great weekend.

  2. Ah your photos are beautiful! Yes my dear friend, you will enjoy time with grandchildren, praying it is soon too! xo

  3. Im never going to forget that poem, I think its burned into my brain...along with that week of having to paint and memorise it!!! Love you Nan!! But actually mum, I think it would look just swell hanging in your bedroom ;)


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