Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey There Stranger

Well it's nice to be back, I must say I miss posting, but my eye has been giving me curry and finally there seems to be some settling of it in sight.  Turns out I have had an allergic reaction to who knows what and it has been very painful and hanging on like you would not believe.  I went back to the specialist yesterday as it flaired up again on Sunday and was as bad as it was in the beginning, aghh!! I just hate having anything wrong with me that slows down what I want to do. So the serious business, on the right are my girls on Friday afternoon on our balcony in Brisbane.  We had a cheese platter and some champers before we headed of to Southbank for dinner.  We found the nicest Italian Restaurant and I had the most amazing pasta with gorgonzola and white wine sauce so yum.  On Saturday we went to a Fashion Museum that was being held in the King George Square. Oh my goodness did we really dress like this at one time, unfortunately yes we did.

It was interesting to see how much fashion has changed in the last decade let alone the last 150 years.  The wedding dress above is only from last year and the gorgeous (tongue in cheek) blue number was actually worn by the first female Lord Mayor of Brisbane Sally Anne Atkinson in the 80's, what was she thinking!!!!!  Some of the really old dresses were interesting, how did women ever manage to get through a day here in the summer is beyond me.  Layers and buttons and girdles oh my.  Glad I'm a 1900's child is all I can say.  The view from our balcony at night over the Brisbane River and the new Brisbane Eye was pretty spectacular.  I even managed to scream and heavy breathe my way round several times on the Friday night.  Amazing what a few champagnes do for me.  I am so scared of heights and even though this thing isn't that high it was enough for me to start hyper ventilating.  Girls thought it was very funny and took video which I do not want to watch, and photos of me panting and tearing up so silly.  Today I am off to work, yep can you believe it.  I have only worked 12months, which was last year on contract for a lady who had gone off to start a school on an island off the top of Australia, since Ashleigh & Danielle were in year 3.  That's about 11 years ago, and was also for a year on contract. Before that I hadn't worked since Alicia was in Kindy, so like another 7 years.  I have been really fortunate that Adrian has earnt enough money for me to be home with the children.  There is good and bad in that.  Good taht I got to be with the kids whenever they were sick, on holidays, on special days at school, all that kind of thing, bad, that after about 18 years of not working what skills do I have to market myself with.  Yeah I know I am the doctor, accountant, time management expert, chef, taxi & bus driver all that stuff but on a resume, well home duties with the kids doesn't rate too high.  I got the job I am going to today because I volunteered at the centre first.  I loved the time I spent there and then went off on my trip to Europe, so was ready to leave.  I'm just doing a few hours for them today as someone is needed out of the office.  I will enjoy catching up with all the African ladies and the kids and the volunteers.  We have the most amazing bunch of volunteers anywhere.  They are so kind and generous, so I am looking forward to my big day out.


  1. Your girls are beautiful. Hope your eye is better! Can't wait to hear about your work now!

  2. Wow, you can't tell no age difference and I mean that! I am glad you got out! You should be able to put all those things and more on your resume. You should be interviewing them to see if they are worthy to have you! I worked in Management, you would be amazed at some of the resumes I saw! lol. Take care, be well.

  3. M & Sharon: aren't that just gorgeous I know and I am totally biased, but they are anyway. My eye is getting a little better I am tired of it though.
    Cinner: I hope you don't think any of those gorgeous girls is me now. Ha ha!! Alicia the eldest with the bob is 25 and the twins are 20. I just adore them all. My day went well, but I was only relieving for the day so someone could go to a school thing for their son. I don't really want to go back at the moment. Too busy planning the trip to France in May. Also if Alicia is to have another baby (see my other blog) then I want to be able to help her through the pregnancy etc.

  4. Wow, your dinner on Friday night sounds delicious, even though I know you were jealous that you didnt get the rainbow spiral pasta and miced duck!
    I loved spending the weekend with you, it was so much fun!
    I LOVE YOU xoxox

  5. Your adventures with your girls seems so fun and wonderful! And I completely understand that feeling of being out of touch after so many years. I've been home for almost 10 years now myself. I often feel out of touch anymore.

  6. they are beautiful, my friend.
    so glad you are feeling better.

  7. The wheel looks like the one in Melbourne (not the one that is broken) our other one. The fashion is so cool. I am glad you and your girls had a fun time.

  8. Oh Goodness, No wonder everyone looks so close in age! lol. They are all beautiful! Lord I need to sit up and pay attention! Take Care.


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