Friday, October 9, 2009

No 5 Breakfast and Can you believe it's almost Christmas!!!!!

Day 5 and another breakfast photo,  Eggs Jane, 9 grain muffin and cottage cheese.  Newspaper and tea, white this time.  Eggs Jane is the name we have given to eggs we make like my African friend taught me.  Very much like scrambled but no milk and no turning and mixing in the pan.  You have to almost let them set and then break them into largish pieces.  She usually cooks onion first and has that in them too, we added bacon as well.  They are really nice so there you go a little African cooking lesson.
And by the way Adrian and I went shopping last night.  Myer has all their Christmas decorations out all ready.  I know every year we all complain about how it seems to be earlier and earlier that we see the Easter and Christmas stuff hit the shelves.  Actually I don't mind, I love the decorations and the little train sets with all the snowy villages, blinking lights, pretty trees and gorgeous decorations.  Check these out...

How cute are those little pink shoes?!  I definitely have to get a couple for Alicia the Shoe Queen to put on her tree.  And look at the cute little nativity scene, all pretty painted wood so cute.  And those cone trees, how nice will they be on the table or on the side table, festooned with garland and baubles.  Ooh I can't wait!!!!  Ah but this will be a sad Christmas for us too.  We should be twittering away over our little Lucas.  The tree should be groaning with the presents cramping it in.  We should all be apologising for spoiling him so much and so glad we did.  We should be hanging the Baby's First Christmas ball I bought in Germany in May on the tree.  Instead we will probably cry a little, talk about him a little, miss him soooooo much and pray and wish and hope that next Christmas we will have another little angel in our arms.  Please pray for us that that's how things will be.
The countdown is on, 5 hours till we load up the car and head off on our girly weekend.  So can't wait to hit the town with my gorgeous girls.  Can't wait for the silly games we play in the car, the songs we all sing off key, the great food we will indulge in, the silly chatter, the memories we will make.  Oooh a rainbow at the end of the rain,,, yeah I'm so excited.  See ya when we get back.  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Kim, I am praying your dreams are so with a new baby in your family next year. Feeling quite melancholy today as it is my first born's birthday... where to the years go? So thankful and want to make the most of each moment of life. May your hopes and dreams be fulfilled. Have a wonderful girls getaway too!

  2. It's like the store put their Christmas decorations out earlier and earlier each year. Target, Big W everyone has them out down here. Today we brought a singing Christmas tree.

    I hope you have a fun weekend.

  3. OOH this breakfast looks good! And yes, xmas is right there around the corner, waving at me.

  4. Aww Sharon I have to say I have never met anyone who makes more out of life than you do. We soooo enjoyed meeting you on tour and I'm glad we are still in touch.
    Liss, I think those singing trees are cute, thanks hope so.
    Christina this breakfast was good.

  5. I haven't been shopping recently...just to the grocery store and Wal-Mart and both had Halloween still in full force. I LOVE Christmas...but it does get a little old after a while when they start so soon.

  6. JUst wondering what time is breaky at your place???????

  7. Mandy you can drop by anytime and I'll whip ya up some eggs.

  8. I can't believe there's already Christmas stuff up. Oh my. And, boy does that breakfast look yum.


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