Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garlic Chicken with Bok Choy and a trip to the coast

Recently we bought a new wok.  Electric so technically for the purists it probably isn't really a wok, just a very strange shaped fry pan, but to me it's a wok.  So lately we have been whipping up some stirfry's and last night's was particularly yummy.  Garlic Chicken and Bok Choy, so nice and so easy.  A chicken breast each, pick ones that are on the smallish size slice them, coat in flour fry in the wok in oil.  Set aside while you fry up 6 yep 6 cloves of crushed garlic, please use fresh garlic it tastes so much better and your going to smell like a garlic clove all day tomorrow so you might as well smell like fresh garlic.  With the garlic fry up a whole red, sliced capsicum (pepper) and about 6 shallots (eshallots or spring onions) I'm not sure what they are called outside of Australia.  Add to that a couple of teaspoons of light soy sauce and half a cup of chicken stock and toss till the sauce thickens.  Then throw in about 500g or 6 baby bok choys and toss till just wilted.  How easy is that!?  Quick, delicious and pretty.  Now to the trip to the Sunshine Coast.  My absolutely divine husband is taking us away for the weekend in a fortnight.  We are off to the Landmark Resort at Mooloolaba, it looks fabulous and I know there is great food at Mooloolaba so I am EXCITED!!! We are also just about to book and put down the deposit for our trip to France and Paris next May.  We've been waiting to make sure that if Alicia falls pregnant her due date won't be close to our arriving home, or for that matter when we are away at all.  After last time we just don't want there to be any chance we won't be here for the babies birth, and since she will need to have a whole heap of transfusions so that this baby isn't born with Neonatal Hemochromotosis, we want to be around.  Lucas was born two weeks before we got back from our last trip and the doctors have said most babies who are born to mum's who have to have the transfusions come early, so we have been making sure the dates for our return to Australia and the tour itself don't clash.  Now we should be fine so we are really getting excited.  And the dollar is great against the US $ which makes paying for the tour much better for us too.  Yeah how exciting a month a whole month in France ahhhhahhh!!! I am dancing round like crazy now!!!  Also I am off to lunch today with some friends, it will be interesting.  We have been really close for years now, but since Lucas passed away things have been different.  I thought it was the girls, now maybe it's just me.  I have changed and I know I have.  I don't quite believe like I used to, I don't talk like I used to, my mind is different and while I am happy in many ways about that, it has changed the dynamics between us.  So lunch will be interesting, I am a little nervous actually. So we will see how it goes.  I am also racking my brain trying to decide what I will photograph for the Len.Us.Together photo project for this week.  The theme is Simplicity and of course for me that does not mean simple.  Funny about that.  So a very rambling post but hey that's my mind today have a great day everyone.


  1. You are wise to plan around a new baby:)
    And I wish it for you:) Soon!
    We have done the same.

    And often when you go through something so important in your life as a loss or an experience that is of great importance to you..dynamics w/ some friends can change..
    Sometimes get back teh way they were.
    It usually is us that change..we can't focus on much of anything else when it's that sad.. It then makes our relationships different..sometimes for a while sometimes forever.
    The right ones .. continue..

    Happy planning all this stuff:)

  2. Kim, Just a comment about feeling different. yes, it probably IS YOU. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Such events as losing a grandchild or other traumatic events DO changes us. We come to see that the world is full of hurt and heartbreaking events, not that we didn't realize this before, but when brought home in a tragic event it is a reality we have face to face. IT HURTS. I believe in time tragic events of all types change us, give us more empathy, and you will be surprised how others may open up to you about a tragedy that you didn't even realize they endured. Praying your lunch goes well. Let your friends lift you and hold you... that's what true friends are for. Perhaps one of them has pain they have been unable to share in what they perceive of as this "perfect" life? I don't know...

    Another thing, in the US we call them "green onions" or "shallots" :-)

    AND... I am so happy about your trip to FRANCE. Get ready for your mouth to be delighted with fantastic tastes!!! It will be a fantastic trip!!! Wish we were going to Europe in 2010 again, but hope for 2011.


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