Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things I Want To Do Before..............

Ok so I've been thinking about this blogging thing, it's made me see just how much I want to do with my life, with each day.  So I'm going to list them.  I've heard it said make a list keep it simple and 'JUST DO IT'  Hey didn't someone use that in an add campaign somewhere??!! So here is my list as it stands today anyway, because I usually find once I start writing a list it just gets bigger than Ben Hur and I keep adding to it so I'll try and get it in one go...

  1. Take better pictures

  2. Take more pictures

  3. Eat less

  4. Drink less

  5. Enjoy more food

  6. Enjoy some cocktails on the weekend

  7. Lose a dress size by Christmas

  8. Find a hairdresser that isn't going to leave town just when she works out how to cut my hair the way I like it...

  9. Make some new friends

  10. Stop crying when I think about Lucas

  11. Plan seriously our next trip to Europe

  12. Take food photos like Monique at

  13. Start my own home business

  14. Buy some seriously sexy underwear (is it even sexy if you call it underwear) I mean Lingerie and wear it

  15. Live like a Goddess

  16. Sing loudly out of tune and don't care who hears

  17. Wear stilettos again and not worry that my feet will kill me later

  18. Stop reading about how to take great pics, cook great food etc and JUST DO IT

  19. Simplify my life
  20. Love better
Ok so that's enough for now. See what I mean I will be back later for sure and probably add another 20 darn things that I wll kill myself trying to do, or be annoyed at myself for not doing.
  1. Well it's actually 21 but who's counting stop being so obsessive about everything
Told ya didn't I and I didn't even get off the page aahhh!!! ha ha gotta laugh...

    I took this picture of a bubbler (water fountain) yesterday and I love it.  To me it looks like a little ice sculpture.
    So this little windy path, hmm I wonder just where it's going....
    I know where I am going right now though to Highfields for coffee, cake, probably lunch we usually do a few hours, so must run got to pack the cameras, wash my hair, put on my face...catch you later.


    1. Stopping in from SITS. It was funny for me to see Sept. 2, as it is still the 1st here! I am interested in photography too. I just got a new camera. I named her Betsy. She's awesome! I have a pic of her on my blog. Love the water fountain pic!

    2. Hi it is strange isn't it us being a day ahead, I'm waiting to get the word for September from Shutter Sisters and getting impatient..Been waiting a day now. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I like the water pic to. Thanks


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