Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girls Day Out

So I am home from my day out with the Besties.  We drank coffee, ate and shopped, well we browsed and then drove and shopped some more, still browsing.  Oh and of course we talked.  Chris has just come back from the States, had a great time driving on the wrong side of the road, actually didn't seem a problem for her either.  I think she may have the travel bug now though.  The pics are all from the Chocolate Shop actually its the Chocolate Cottage I saw when I got there so oops.  The chairs are all painted individually and are really cute check them out.
So I had the creamy broccolli soup, it was yummy and Chris had the Salmon and cream cheese sandwich with avacado, also delish.  Time out with the girls is nice.  I must admit it's a little difficult since Lucas passed away, I think most of my friends feel that they have to fix me somehow.  But hey I'm ok today and I'll give them a yell when I'm not.  I kind of feel like I am on a new journey though, I want to do so many different things now, than I did say even a year ago.  I think I freak everyone out a bit with the way I feel about things.  Having been a really full on believing Christian before Lucas died and now questioning some of the things I believed before is a bit of a challenge for them I think.  I wonder sometimes if we will make it through this together or if I will be in the too hard basket soon.  Oh well, we'll see.  We had fun though cruising the shops down town, checking out the handbags, must admit I do love handbags.  Shoes, yep another of my fetishes though I just can't make myself wear those high heels so much anymore, and of course the new Spring fashions.  Didn't buy a thing, hubby will be pleased.


  1. The lunch out sounds like fun..and the chairs are awfully cute~

  2. Oh yum, at that lunch!! Those chairs are glorious! Your hubby will be so happy.
    Ps: i adore, your favorite read. : )


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