Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I left home this morning at around 9am.  It's the first day of Spring and I wanted to learn to use the Digital SLR camera that Adrian bought me 2 Christmas's ago.  I know, ......I know, I should have used it by now and I have, well I've tried to anyway, I just don't know how to use it and then I feel silly cause I don't know what to do.  So I have decided since looking at all the incredible photos that I see every day in blogs, that I just have to bite the bullet and learn how to do this.  So off I went to the Japanese Gardens near the University of Southern Queensland, which is only a 5 minute drive from my house.  It really is the most lovely garden.  I got down on the ground, I twiddled with the P dial and the Av dial and the TV dial and every other little knob, dial and movable part of my camera, which by the way is a Pentax K100.  My point and shoot is also a Pentax, which I never realised until I went to upload the pics to the computer and found I could use the same cord.  Talk about dumb...oh well I know now.  I am rather pleased with my pics and I have only put a few on my photostream with Flikr as I haven't used that before either.  But I must say it was fun and I spent a good 3 hours roaming round local parks and probably looking a little suspicious to some of the mums who were in the parks where I was taking pics of the slides, swing etc.  Oh well...

So tomorrow I am off to Highfields, a little hamlet on the outskirts of Toowoomba probably a 15 min drive, yeah I know how tiny is this town, well population is approx 100,000 so it isn't huge, but it's not too tiny.  I'm going with my two besties Chris & Vicki to the Chocolate Shoppe, honestly the best food and handmade chocs, so hopefully more pics to share. 


  1. Enjoy!! You humble me w/ mention to my photos..Sometimes lucky..


    We all have wish lists..Things we should do..not do..should have done..should not have done..

    You are working on all the them..
    And keep up the fun thoughts of doing things..
    Just your blog is great enough as to embarking on some of the ideas!!

    I think of you and Lucas.
    And I hope that simply by visiting here and there.. your mind can wander..and give it time.. to escape here and there.
    I have no words.. Just wishes..for you.All good.

  2. Thanks, blogging is great for me at the moment keeps me meeting and doing things I haven't before.


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