Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Day

The sun was rising, shining through the seeds on this dying grass, the warm glow was lovely.  The air cool and once again winter struggled to stay just a little longer.  But now Spring is here and the world is reborn again.  We get so many chances in our lives, do we realize when they come they are here.  A new day, a new choice, to live well, or give up.  To have a go, or do nothing, to win or be defeated, every day a new day.  I am trying to find the boundaries of my comfort zone and burst through them.  Try something, do something, go somewhere, don't do the same thing do something new, meet someone new, new days new beginnings.  Uummmm!!! Bring on the new day.


  1. What movie was it said, "Life is a series of several days in which major change happens." It had me thinking back over my life and how there are some days that changed everything. Pivotal days that seemed tough at the time but at the end of my life I'll probably remember more than the others.

  2. You sound like you are ready to soar!I hope you have a magnificent spring and an even better summer:) Your photo just glows..

    We of course will soon be getting ready for fall and then a long winter~

  3. Steph I know what you mean. I can pinpoint days where the world changed for me. Where from that day on I was not the same person. If we knew on the morning of those days what would happen would we get up, would we be excited, scared, apprehensive, willing, or kicking and screaming to hang on to what we know!?
    Monique Thanks I love this photo and its the colour that draws me. I'm learning to use my cameras differently. And I love a cold and snowy winter, well I think I do never had one except 11 days in London last Christmas and we missed the snow by 12 hours. Enjoy the fall what a season.

  4. I have to tell you, it shocked me to read "Spring is here." I actually went back to check the date on this post. Isn't it fantastic how small blogging makes the world?


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