Friday, September 11, 2009

First Job - Blog Thursday

Steph in the City has a Thursday blog running and we are posting about our first jobs.  Well I had a few, how can that be isn't first first??? Well kinda I worked when I was about 10 maybe, yeah I know child slave laws obviously weren't an issue over here in the colonies back then.  Anyway Mum had a hairdressing salon and on Saturday mornings I was the floor sweeper, appointment maker, coffee maker and resident sticky beak, can't honestly say I got paid, but I do remember feasting on the most delicious Vanilla slices ever every Saturday morning, worth the early start I think.  Then she managed a dress shop, can't say boutique, though I'd like to, but honestly the clothing wasn't that nice, anyway I worked there again underage and probably without pay, but she said it's experience and it was.  So see do they really count??  I did eventually work there for pay on Saturday mornings but not till a long time after this.
My first real straight out of school position was at the University Of Queensland campus in the Sports Administration Department.  Sounds fancy hey, but really I typed up sporting schedules, made appointments for the Sports Dept head, Barry, and booked squash, tennis and volleyball courts for the various teams etc.  Hey but I got to check out all the hotties at the Uni, and boy there were some hotties around.  Now I was 15 just our of year 10, which I know for all the American readers is so strange but that's the way we do it over here.  College is not mandatory and you can get a really well paid position straight from school at say 15 or 16 years old.  So I was let loose on the male population of the Uni of Q.  Not a very clever thing to do really.  I found myself going to the movies with a 24 year old guy called Chris to see "Rollerball".  Now to me it was just a movie about a skating team set in the oh so distant future, like now probably and it was ok.  Actually I remember it being a bit boring at the time.  Well Mr Uni loved it, and spent ages after the movie trying to teach me the ins and outs of communisum, freedom of choice, deception, etc etc etc......I was totally at a loss as to what he was on about.  Needless to say first and last date with that guy.  So I worked there for maybe a year if I remember correctly, hey you're asking me to think about something that was like 33 years ago so time frames might be a bit off ok.  Then I packed up my belongings and moved to the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise to be exact and worked in my 2nd real job as a receptionist, typist, general dogs body for a chartered accounting firm....and the story goes on.


  1. my first job (besides babysitting) was clerking at the city court for traffic tickets. sooo boring

  2. I'll be following this novella:)

    Sounds interesting..and not too unfamiliar:)

  3. Yeah we generally have to be 16 to work over here in the States. But how awesome to be able to go from that to surfer's paradise!

  4. wow, sounds like you were quite the multitasker at such a young age.

    I didn't have a job at 10, but I had a lot of chores to do before going out to play. 10 year-olds now a days have it easy, don't they?

  5. I grew up on a farm, LOTS of unpaid jobs! No child labor laws back then in the states either! LOL


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