Sunday, August 23, 2009

What to do on Sunday....

It was unusually warm today, Spring is gone and it should not even have come for at least another week yet. We woke early today and we walked, it was beautiful, what a wonderful way to start the day. When we got up this morning I wanted to cook for Adrian. Not my usual on the weekends. I normally want the weekends off. I like to eat out. Actually I love to eat out, but hey we can't eat out all the time so I have to cook. And this morning I was motivated. I am weight watching, OMG how can someone who adores food, like I do weight watch? Tell me please cause I have these weeks when I do great and then I have these really sucky weeks and lately the bad weeks are more frequent than the good weeks , so the weight graph is on the rise instead of the downward spiral I'm hoping for. AAahh!!!! You see I just love food, I love the socialising that comes with eating, Ithink that's whay I love Italia. There people socialise all the time, every meal is an opportunity to share time together, to eat and love what they are eating. There is an organisation in Europe called the "Slow Food Organisation" We have fast food they have slow food. Food to talk over, to savour, to taste and comment on. Isn't that what we should be doing, talking, sharing, tasting, not just sitting down and guzzling. I think I want to be Italian. I love the wine that comes with the food, honestly I just love food, eating, drinking, wine, coffee, desert, talking to my friends while I am eating and drinking, it is a never ending circle isn't it? Actually everything to do with eating food and cooking I love. I know I am obsessive. Sorry.

Anyway back to breakfast this morning.. I thought we might have some crisp French Toast with Strawberries and Bananas in a balsamic caramel glaze with maple syrup. Yep how delightful on a Sunday morning. Oh it was delicious, the toast crisp and yet moist inside, the strawberries and bananas deliciously coated in a light balsamic caramel glaze. Dusted with icing sugar it was the perfect start to our morning. It really pays to take the time to just spoil ourselves.

As the day wore on the girls and I were bored. We had been to church and we had eaten our seafood nibbly lunch. We were still bored. Adrian was gardening and glancing at the football on the telly in his garden shed.

Wanna have a facial I said? Ok they replied. So I searched through my bathroom cupboard and found the gift pack Mum had given me in January. It hadn't been opened yet, so we got all the stuff ready.
The warm water in bowls, the hand towels, the face clothes and as usual we laughed. We cleaned off our makeup, we did the little scrub, we lathered on the face mask, drank a little wine while we waited for the mask to set and then we moisturised. And we laughed again. The cleansing was a breeze, the scrubbing was fine the face mask stung!!! Hey it's not supposed to sting, check the box is it out of date? No....... oh wait a minute it's not stinging any more, so let's keep going. We wait the 10 minutes that we are supposed to, our pores must be lovin' this and hey it only stings a little bit now. So let's take it off now. Aaahh it shouldn't be quite so messy Danielle, maybe you just have too much water in the little wipy things, ok squeeze them out a bit. Look I'll do it for you ok, aahh sorry I didn't mean to pull your tiny nose ring out wiping the mask off.....really I'm sorry. Do you want another wine? Laugh, sing some songs on our ipods, laugh a bit more, talk about girly things, and finally clean it all off. What better way could I have spent my Sunday afternoon!!


  1. I am happy you had a good day!I use to love buying those facials in a tube when I was much younger..Funny because I guess they would be more beneficial now:) Ooh the poor nose:(

    I like everything you like about Italy:)
    Cute pics.. see I mentioned the fun before the food pic! The girls are scene stealers:)

  2. Kim, we must be kindered spirits when it comes to food and cooking. Be sure to see the Julie & Julia film. Even if you don't care for Julia Child's or know her, it is a fun movie you will enjoy. We have slow food here in the US, but very hard to find. BTW, France is even BETTER than Italy for food...:-) Sharon


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