Monday, August 24, 2009

Spring is in the air

Well we are about a week away from the 1st of September, the official start of Spring. And if the gardens are anything to go by we are ahead of ourselves. The Jasmine is blooming and the scent can't but help bring memories of Springtime. The camelias are flowering, the tulips, rununculas, daisies, violas, petunias all are flashing their colours for us to see. The mornings are warming up and as I said yesterday we are experiencing such unseasonally warm weather it makes me think we are in for one very hot summer. Our Carnival of Flowers parade will be in about 3 weeks and I think maybe the best of the gardens will be long gone if we continue with this hot dry wind. We so desperately need rain. Our lawn is getting crunchy and I don't want to water the grass, but I don't want the red dirt coming through either. Please rain!!!!! I took some of these pics to show the girls while they were in the UK, just to make them homesick, I love my garden and we are adding another bed next weekend. We want some shade on the back of the house. The sun sets there and the afternoons get very warm in this computer room. I think we'll plant natives, water being so precious, they really do need so much less watering. I love the gorgeous lemon scented gum, well its not really a gum but in that family, when the wind blows and the leaves rub together the scent of lemon wafts in oohh so nice. We have the miniature magnolia, bubble gum plant and it smells so sweet outside the girls bedroom windows, and the mock orange blossoms, just delicious.


  1. WOW! I find it so delightful that you are entering spring as we head into fall. I love how small and intimate blogging has made the world.

  2. I know isn't a big big blogging world out there??!!!


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