Saturday, August 22, 2009

Typically ME!!!

Well let's see where to begin.. Yesterday all filled with enthusiasm, after scrolling through dozens, possibly hundreds of wonderful, inspiring blogs, I decided I would do what they do. And what's that you ask, I would go second hand shopping. I would find that treasure that everyone else had overlooked, I would bring it home restore it and it would make the cover page of not only my humble little blog, but I would be discovered and my magically transformed work of art would be featured on everyone elses blogs. I might even end up in a magazine..ooh how wonderful. So out I go all starry eyed, bright and bushy tailed and eager to discover my first great find. I head off first to the local haberdashery warehouse, I wanted some clear glass pebbles to make some magnets, like the ones I had seen over at Twice Remembered and did I find them..uhuh nah I did not. That should have given me a sense of what was to come, but no I was filled with the hunting desire and I was going to find a treasure. So off I go, to the Lifeline second hand store. As I got out of the car and strode over to the door I began to remember with a faint sense of dread why I am just not a second hand Rose. Firstly honestly it smelt in there. I'm trying to be nice here, but it did. It smelt dusty, and like mothballs and old and stale..umm I think I am sounding like a snob here, sorry to all you lovelies who just get such a high from digging through old bric a brac, it just ain't me. But hey I was on a mission and I just kept going. I dug through old books, I was scouring the first few pages for the print date, nothing outstanding there, so off I go to the pictures, thinking I might find a fabulous frame that I could transform into a blackboard or something. Nada....nothing just really bad prints and paintings and they were filthy. So I head off to the lamp section, how many beautifully transformed lamps have I stumbled across on these blog pages.....literally dozens, what do I find? Cheap yellow plastic bases, broken shades and oh forget it, it just wasn't happening.... So I have come to the conclusion, hey I'm just not a thrift shop fan. I think they are great for those fantastically talented people who have an eye for this stuff, but me well give me Freedom and Ikea any day. Sorry don't throw me out on my ear now, we all have some talent to share and unfortunately thrifting just doesn't seem to be mine.

So this morning instead of heading off to the garage sales to find more treasure, I went house hunting. Actually found a lovely home that we would love to downsize to, just not quite ready yet.

Then Adrian and I had lunch in the fresh air under the Jacaranda tree opposite the park. I had a beautiful lamb pie and Ade had his usual choice a club sandwich. Crisp, icy cold apple cider and hey I can find some great stuff, it's just not where I was looking yesterday. Have a good weekend all.


  1. Hmmmm am surprised you even went in to a 2nd hand shop....wish I had time to get into one..Every-one goes on about the tender centre but I have never got there, would be worth checking out though...Have a great week-end...

  2. You combined food blogs and craft blogs:) Good job..The lunch looks so good and your link is to a very idea packed site.
    Have a good day!

  3. Oh Mandy, the girls, Adrian & I went to the Tender Centre a few weekends ago, when they were having a tender weekend, uhmm.. We took a while to walk through and we were seriously browsing for whatever little gem we might find. Danielle made the comment that when we arrived and there was a sausage sizzle that set the tone for the venue, I have seriously reared snobs.. cracks me up. But honestly the stuff some people want to sell is ridiculous... spices and herbs from the 80's don't excite me and salt and pepper shakers complete with salt and pepper, please when was the last time you bought some second hand salt and perpper????? Well anyway we had a good laugh and we call it bonding time. gotta love it hey.

  4. La Table De Nana, aren't I clever.. I didn't realise I was combining I have impressed myself. Thanks for noticing ha ha! I am joking though I just love telling everyone about what e are doing. Trying to find something interesting about our daily life is hard though cause we seem so ordinary. That's why I love your blog. You make everyday eals so exotic and I want my family meals to replicate yours. And I agree Twice Remembered is such a wonderful site for all those crafty talented people and it gives us ideas of what we can do ourselves.


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