Monday, April 30, 2012

It Wasn't Like I thought it Would Be!

Today I am a little sad, I thought I'd be exhausted and relieved, but no I am just a little sad.  You see Elle will be going home to her house tonight.  I won't get to pick her up this afternoon at childcare.  I won't get to hold her little soft hand and walk to the car.  I won't get to soap her up in the big bubble bath.  I won't get to play with the play dough for hours and hours (relief washes over me) and I won't get to see her perched up on the upturned clay pot in the chicken pen, throwing out the seed to the chickens.  Ohh I am really sad.  I won't get to smell that sweet baby smell, or argue with her to eat her vegies.  I won't hear her go oh oh!!!! when she drops something or trips on something, it makes me smile every time she says it.
She won't be holding pops hand and watering the trees today.
I won't have to wipe a runny nose, or change a pooie nappy.
Who will I roll on the grass with and throw autumn leaves with?
And who is gonna look as good as this while washing the car?
I won't have anyone to discuss yard shoes with either, oh I'm gonna miss her.  That little voice and those big blue eyes.  That whispy, curly, beautiful, soft hair, I'll miss everything about her.
We looked at each, Pop and I, when her mummy and daddy left 10 days ago and we wondered how we would get through the next week or so.  We were a little frightened, would she fret and cry for her mummy and daddy?  Would she get sicker with her cold and cough?  Would she be happy with us and would we manage?  We didn't need to worry, she was a joy, a pleasure, an absolute treasure.  We laughed together all of us, at her funny ways.  We were so proud walking through the shopping centre with her, looking so cute.  We felt young again pushing her on the swings in the park.  We loved teaching her how to feed the chickens, and wash the car and pack the dishwasher.  We stroked her forehead as she drifted off to sleep.  We tucked her into bed with us in the mornings and smelt her sweet smell.  What a precious time we had with her.  I wonder when her mum and dad are going away again.


  1. Oh, bless you, what a sweet post. She's a lucky little girl to have you two in her life to cherish her so.

  2. What a great time you had did you really doubt it wouldn't be a blessing...I'm starting to think I may have to go to Roma and steal Grace as her selfish parents won't let her out of there sight...

  3. Looks/sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!! What a sweetie..I can see why it is you'll miss her.


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