Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Remember Then

Last Saturday Elle was meant to fly to Phuket in Thailand with her mum and dad, but she was unable to go because of a chest cold and very bad cough she had, had for a while.  So Nanny and Poppy to the rescue and here she is wishing her mum and dad a Bon Voyage.
 I have to admit I was wondering just how 10 days would go, I thought the Princess might miss her mum and dad too much and be really sad, but why would she be sad when she is waited on hand and foot by her doting nan and pop.

 So I have taken photos of her in bed with pop on her first morning and loaded them on facebook so her parents don't miss her too much.
 And pop has had his bottle and read her a story.
And she has learned to share her bottle too.

 And we have been to the park and played on the swings.  And I remember doing all this with my own children when they were babies.  It is so different this time though, like now pop actually hears Elle cry when she wakes up.  Seriously I can't remember him doing that with our own too often.  
 He was a brilliant dad, he changed nappies, played games, went camping and fishing and generally just got down and dirty with them, but hearing them when they cried in the night, nah that just didn't happen. 
 And I think I was a much better house keeper back when the kids were tiny than I am now.  Somehow it just doesn't seem that important anymore.  So the carpet needs vacuuming, oh well it can wait, let's do some play dough instead.

And time well it just seems to fly by now, I'm sure I thought it dragged on back then.  Now I just cherish every moment, even the really loud ones, and the messy ones and the ones where I really want to just sit quietly and read, oh but no the Princess wants to play, so off we go.  Maybe now I realise just how quickly time does go by.  The days when that little hand reaches up to hold mine and that little giggle comes out of that cute little chubby cheeked face, are short, soon she will be grown up and off to school.  She won't need me so much then, maybe a little for some history project you know how it goes, "Nanny what was it like in the olden days?"  Yes I will be the old lady who cuddles her too tight and kisses her to sloppily and I will get invited to grandparents day at school.  I will go all dressed up in my not so grandmotherly outfit and I will slide down the slide, and blow bubbles and sing really loudly and clap and cheer from the sidelines or the very front row.  I did these things years ago for my own princesses and I will do them again for every new prince and princess who comes along.  Now I know how short the days are I am not going to miss any.


  1. Hi Kim I sure hope you enjoy every minute. I got a tear in my eye when you described the feeling of that little hand reaching yours. There is such a feeling that comes over one, thanks for reminding me of that. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. hugs.

  2. what a fun time! i love the pic of her laying in the grass...sending a big hug to my sweet pea. sending you all oodles of love. you know i love ya!

  3. Your little Elle really is a charmer. And I think you have your priorities absolutely right, too. The rug and the vacuum will always be there tomorrow.


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