Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Northern Territory

We had another trip to Darwin this weekend, visiting our friends Merv and Carmel.  I really love the city actually, the colours in the landscape are so beautiful.  The water is blue, green, absolutely gorgeous and look at these rocks, orange and white and gold and red amazing.  
The sky was filled with black clouds a cyclone brewing over the ocean.
But the day was warm, no not warm, hot, umm actually really hot.  Now I don't do hot like this and I felt clammy all weekend.  It is what is called the Wet Season in Darwin.  It is normally raining and storming every day, but this year the storms have mostly held off.  We did see a ripper on Saturday night though, I loved it, running up the street in the rain, I was cool, didn't mind at all being wet.  Ha ha!!!
On a trip to the markets on Sunday we saw these local indigenous people, doing what has become something of a problem for the locals in Darwin.  You can see aboriginal people in little clumps like this all over Darwin.  The white population is mostly pretty disgruntled at the aboriginal people, most of whom don't work, and who have a drinking problem.  Not wanting to generalise but unfortunately this is true and the government here does seem to hand out an awful lot of money to the different groups or tribes.  I don't think this problem will be solved anytime soon.
 Now to jumping crocodiles, oh my goodness, these guys are freaky.  
 I cannot for the life of me, think of who might have decided it was a good idea to put a piece of meat on a string, hang it from a stick and wave it in front of a crocodile.
 Who took this fellas front arm??????
 Nice teeth hey!!
Up, up come on higher.  

The rain coming, marching across the sky the beautiful colours of Darwin.


  1. What amazing scenery! I love the contrast between the warm red-orange rocks and the dark blue-gray storm clouds. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. What an amazing place! Even if the croc is a bit scary!


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