Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday with Elle

Poppy come on higher higher really high okay!!!!!!!!  I am at Nan and Pop's today because I can't go to Childcare cause I've got hand, foot and mouth.  Yeah sounds like I'm a cow hey but little kids get it too.  Nanny says ever since I've been going to childcare I have gotten something nearly every week.  I have too, I have had an inner ear infection, bronchitis a couple of times and colds well I have pretty much had a runny nose or cough since I started going.
Now this crazy thing, anyway it's contagious till the little blisters go away so I am at Nan's today and I already had Thursday and Friday off, it's nearly gone though.  Pop was home today too cause it rained and he was painting a house on the outside.  We played a lot on the deck.  Swinging and peek a boo with the hat.
And pop had to play too, nanny was using her camera again seriously she's always shooting me.  Glad it doesn't hurt ha hhaaa!!
And I tried to blow up the floaty I did pretty well actually, pop looked funny in them.
He'll wear anything just to make me laugh he is so funny.
So don't know if I'll be here tomorrow or not, have to see how the blisters go. But until next time Love ya

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  1. What a sweetheart! I loved that first shot with the hat - that made me laugh!


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