Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday

For the first time this year and the first in quite a while I am posting in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday again.  I sort of got off track late last year, I'm not sure just busy and not focussed really so I am trying to focus more and get back into my regular posting.  I love playing with textures and it is nice to link up and see others take on things too.  This weeks prompt is the word "Story".  So you might be scratching your head as to why I chose this picture to link with.  Well look at the bird on the right at the front, the poor little one legged guy.  Isn't there always a one legged gull?!!  Every time I see gulls there is a one legged one, what happens to all those little, orange, spindly, legs, have you ever wondered?  I have, what's the story behind the losing of gull legs?  Is it fishing line, is it fights, squabbles over who gets the last hot chip thrown amongst them.  Is it some leg eating fish that roams the ocean, sneaking up on gulls and nipping off their skinny limbs?  There has to be a story behind each one don't you think?
Recipe for texturing is
1.  duplicate the picutre
2. levels adjustment
3. add Break Free texture on multiply at 82%
4. erase some texture from the birds I like the white feathers to be bright
and there you have it.
So little guys as the texture says, Break Free and soar.


  1. I love the picture and texture work and the story made me laugh. I must admit I'd never wondered, but now, now I do!

  2. Great pic, and i love what you have done with the editing.

  3. oh, to me it looks like his second leg only is lift up to go away... maybe he had a dispute with the others and now is leaving in a huff;)
    nice idea to make us think of a story... beautiful shot!

  4. A lovely, interesting photo. I too wonder what his story might be.

  5. I haven't noticed that in our local seagull population. Yours must live in a tougher neighborhood! You surprised me, though - I thought the story might be about the one right in the middle, who seems to have lost his head. I know, it's really just tucked down behind his back, but still.... :-)

  6. i guess i have never seen a one-legged seagull. i will pay more attention now. great shot!

  7. You are way more observant than I am. I can't say I've ever noticed the legs of seagulls before, but your post might remind me to pay more attention in the future. Nice take on this week's theme.

  8. this is very interesting, i had never thought of it. i too haven't seen too many one legged gulls here in San Francisco.
    I love the intrigue of this story though :)
    have a great week!

  9. Now I will have to look for one legged gulls. Nice editing and funny story to go with it.


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