Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Word

This year I have chose one word to describe my desires and hopes for the next 12 months.  I saw this over at Shutter Sisters and I saw it last year and just let it slide.  But this year I want change in my life.  I want to LIVE.  What you say, Live that's a bit silly you are living already. Look you just went on a cruise, you have this beautiful family, a wonderful husband and a gorgeous angel of a grand daughter.  Aren't you living already?  Well if you knew how I feel deep inside you'd know I'm existing, I am stumbling from one day to the next without much direction, focus or desire.  But I am sick of that I want to really LIVE.  I want to end each day tired and elated.  I want to experience each day, hot, cold, busy, or quiet for what it brings.  I want to be challenged and rise to the challenge not walk away.  I want to find the thing in me that went missing a few years back.  I can pinpoint the day it happened, I know what caused it and I have to do something to get it back.  Will you keep me on track this year as I learn to really live again.


  1. Kim I so understand this for you. I hope you find what is hidden in your soul, remember you are an amazing woman, sometimes your dream is so close you may not yet recognize it. Sending a great big hug dear friend.

  2. I think LIVE is a wonderful word, an exciting and adventuresome word. And I think simply by choosing the word, you've already started to make it so. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you LIVE your word this year. My own word is Renewal. Changes...a new chapter in my life. We'll both see what happens!

  3. I completely know what you are saying. I feel like there is just something missing in me too. I chose the word "calm" because it is what bubbled up when I was doing my meditation on New Year's Eve. I sometimes feel that I am wound so tight that I don't even know what calm feels like. And that can really hurt, inside AND out. And hurt relationships. You help me find calm and I will help you live. Deal?

  4. That's the very best way to live, Kim. I try to do so each day ... So satisfying but we all know that sometimes, a single thing can bring this sweet feeling down ... It's not so easy to LIVE, ... really ...
    A big hug from the four of us ... to both of you ! ;o)

  5. Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words over at my place. I appreciate them and you more than I can say.


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