Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Sleepover

Hello everyone, well I had a special sleepover at nanny and pop's on friday night.  mummy and Daddy went to dinner and nan said I could stay the night, she is sooooooo cool, really.  So guess what happened we ended up at the emergency room at the hospital, cause nan got a really sore eye.  I had a chat to a lot of people while we were waiting, I like talking to people even if I don't know them, pretty soon I do and they all seem so friendly, all smiling at me and waving and stuff.  So in the morning at 5.30am I wake up, don't you?  And pop and nan get my bottle and tuck me up all cosy in the big King size bed between them and I have my bottle.
Then I always like a chat after brekky, nan and pop not so much, I think they were still sleepy so I thought well I'll have a bit more of a nap.  Come 7.30am we were all awake and I was having my vegemite sandwich. 
Oh yummy I love vegemite sandwiches.  Then nan and pop and my aunties came for dinner on Saturday night at my new house.  My Aunty Ink, well her real name is Aunty Ashleigh we call her Aunty Ink cause she got two tattoos, well she has a boyfriend and we were all checking him out.  I heard mummy and nanny talking and they think he's really nice.  I do too.
Oh I almost forgot, nan and pop have this really big spa bath and I had a bath with lots of  bubbles, do you love bubbles like I do so much fun.  You can eat them you know!
And hey it's my first birthday in 10 days yep yep yep siree I will be a whole one year old.  Yeah big party happening too, wanna come, you're welcome you know.
So till next time, be happy, be safe, be loved
Love Elle


  1. princess elle, you are ever so cute, but you didn't say what happened to nannys eye? is she better now? hope so. give nanny a big hug for me please next time you see her. xo

  2. the birthday girl is just so cute..Hope nana's eye is much better!

  3. Awww, I hope your eye is okay Kim, sending prayers your way. I can not believe she is going to be one year old already. so exciting. Love the pics of her in the tub. have a great day, hope you get caught up on your rest.

  4. How lovely to have this special time with your little one.


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