Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texture Tuesday

We just love all things French don't we?  We do, go check out any blog that even has the most remotely sounding French name, and the followers are in the hundreds.  Books that have Paris or France in their titles fly off the shelves, what is it with France, and well anything even remotely French flavoured?  I am a culprit, I love France, I love Paris, actually I love pretty much anything European.  The age of the place blows me away.  The cobbly streets, the weathered and ancient buildings, the doorways, that lead well who knows where, but I want to open them and go in, I want to take a peek at the very least.  So today for Kim's challenge on Texture Tuesday, we could use any subject and any texture.  Ta Da!!!!!! A lane way, well a street actually in France.  Now I can't be more specific at the moment because I cannot really remember where exactly this is. Sorry about that, but trust me it is France somewhere.
Brightness/Contrast, adjust levels, add a dark plum colour fill
levels again,
Greyday texture on colour burn 41%
more brightness/contrast adjustments
then add texture Random Inspiration on multiply 100% 
again adjust brightness/contrast, levels and b/c again
now the fiddly part, the sky at the top of the buildings was really bright and I wanted to tone it down a lot so I did a black colour fill on just that part and adjusted the opacity 
then I brushed a vignette round the edges and then did a tan brush of some of the buildings as they were to bright as well.
So a lot of fiddling but I achieved the shadowy effect I was after.
What do you think, this is the untouched shot?  For me well it is so underexposed it is shocking, I was admittedly, just shooting all over the place by now and I had pushed a button on my camera at some stage that didn't allow me to get the settings I wanted.  It took me a couple of days to realise what I had done.  So needless to say I am not the best photographer I am just reasonable at making them look better after I think.  But no matter I look at this lane and I get itchy feet again.  One day we will go back, to the UK and Europe and well just about anywhere will be good.  Ha ha the travel bug has bitten.
Have a great day folks.


  1. Hi Kim, both of these speak to me and make me want to walk down the street, hopefully to meet you for coffee at the end. lol. they are beautiful, both of them. hugs to you.

  2. fantastic texturising Kim - know what you mean about pressing a button and not realising and ending up with a set of photos that need work.

    The street is so inviting - I want to explore round that corner

  3. What a difference..you're getting so good.

  4. I'm a francophile, too! :) I love both shots for different reasons. The unedited shot has a certain charm to it... sort of like a deliberately washed-out photo. :)

  5. Love how you have made a piece of art from your photo. Great editing choices produced a fantastic result.

  6. What a difference you have made to the original. I have to say I love them both but I see what you mean about 'shadowy' effect. Yes you have achieved that. I love that your texture work has brought out the colours in the flowers, in fact I went back to see if you had put flowers onto the picture! I love it, thanks so much for the recipe.

  7. It's a beautiful photo, and I actually really like the original too. I like the overexposure of some sections and underexposure of others.

  8. Both are such beautiful images but I do Love the richness of your final result. Happy TT!

  9. Oh wow! This was a great shot to begin with, but you have turned it into something otherworldly and intriguing. I absolutely love this.

  10. Your "fiddling" paid off - this is gorgeous!

  11. The finished image look great. I love the way the shadow and light areas have been emphasised and how the beautiful morning glow plays on the brickwork.

  12. Ohhhh, this is beautiful! I love the changes from the original.

  13. this is so beautiful.
    i just emailed you.


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