Monday, June 13, 2011

Mulled Wine

I've read about it, I've heard of it but until yesterday I had never tried it, Mulled Wine, oh it sounds delicious.  It brings up images of snowy evenings in front of the glowing fire.  Snow tapping softly on the window panes, wind shushing against the door, scarves tied tightly, mittens on, boots pulled up, winter in all her glory.  So I have been itching to whip up a batch and try it out.  So browsing through the internet I found my recipe and bought all the goodies needed, including the blue opal cheese, the double cream brie and the sharp, bitey, rich vintage cheddar.  All served up with the crunchiest fruit and walnut batard, does it get better than this really.  Of course you don't need all the glorious rich cheeses to enjoy your mulled wine, but it doesn't hurt that's for sure.
If you have never made mulled wine, firstly I think the most important ingredient is cold, weather.  The atmosphere is everything.  I hate to admit it but the day I made this, the morning and early afternoon were wet, drizzly, windy and perfect for cozying up to a fire, but by the time we were ready to eat and drink it was warming up the sun was peeking through now and then and somehow the whole thing just didn't sit as well in the lounge room with the air con going.  
Needless to say, we did our best though, we grated the nutmeg, zested the orange, chopped the apple and added the cloves and cinnamon, topping them all up with the red wine.  I found the taste really interesting, but as I said really needed to be in front of a bonfire, toasting marshmallows or toasting away in front of a fireplace somewhere.
I don't have song about mulled wine to share with you but I love this version of Summer Wine by The Corrs and Bono.  Enjoy

10 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1/4 cup caster sugar
1 roughly grated nutmeg (buy some nutmeg and roughly grate)
2 cups water
1 roughly chopped apple skin on
1 roughly grated rind of orange
750ml your favourite red wine, or a not too nasty drop you like fairly well
Heat all ingredients except wine in pan till boiling, simmer for 10 minutes
Add wine simmer further 5 mins 
Strain and enjoy immediately


  1. Well, for us, mulled wine goes well with "Jingle Bells" ... But in Australia, you do all the contrary ! And I like that !!! ;o)

  2. Love mulled wine in the Winter! And a little Brie. Looks delicious-but it's almost Summer here, so It's time for Sangria or Margaritas. What's your favorite Summer drink?

  3. One of my all time favorite songs! I'm completely indulging in cheese while I'm in Switzerland and reading your post makes me want to head to the store for another couple of wedges.

  4. I had mulled wine in Italy a few years ago in November/ December. There were little street vendors selling that and chestnuts. I thought it was yummy but I was drinking them outside on chilly days with great scenery. Love you and miss you!


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