Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okay first of all hello, now let me tell you I am not happy at the moment, well I am, but I'm not if you get me.  I have these little teeth popping up all over the darn place and I'm not sure if you remember what that is like or not, but it isn't pleasant.  No it isn't, I have pain, serious pain and I grizzle and I drool a bit and well, I'm just not always really happy at the moment.  Like today when Nanny tried to put me down for a little nap. well let me say I wasn't having it, no I wasn't.  So what is a girl to do, yell, well scream actually, yep like really scream.  Loud and long and kind of blood curdling you know.  Well I was sore, my mouth was sore and I was tired and I'd just had enough.  You could say I was naughty, I guess.
Not that you would know that to look at me hey, nan says I look like butter wouldn't melt in my mouth, I don't know if it would or not but I know I look like an angel.  Everyone tells me I am their little angel so I must look like one.
And my hair, well it just keeps growing like a house on fire, I think that means really quick!!!?  Anyway nan came running in, so funny ha ha, oh sorry nan, well it was funny.  And she picked me up and cuddled me, you know I love a cuddle and next thing I was asleep with a rusk in my mouth.  Now those rusks are good stuff, like you can eat them and you can suck on them and you can really give your gums a good massage with them, very handy things, those rusks.  So then I went for a nap, there are ways of getting me to do what you want you know, you just have to know what they are.
Everything I put in my mouth at the moment is chewed on and I don't just mean a nibble, I mean like full on chewed, gnawed even, my gums hurt okay.  What can I say.  So I am hoping soon that I can chew on a steak, chicken leg, hamburger, yep well what's the point of teeth if you can't eat the good stuff.  And I will be one soon yep like 8 weeks and I will be a whole year old, can you believe that?  Can you see any wrinkles?  Let me know the minute you do okay, I am off to the wrinkle remover as soon as I see any.  Nan says wrinkles are the bane of her life?????? What is that?????? But if they are that bad I don't want any, so I am relying on you guys to make sure you tell me as soon as you see any, not kidding now.  Gotta go gnaw on something cold now, so till next week, be loved, be safe and be happy.
Love Elle


  1. about time some more of those toothy pegs popped out elle, although i'm sorry you are in such pain, but it will be nice having more than two!!

  2. Poor little girl. Don't you hate when they are hurting and you can't fix it.

  3. Oh bless her....was just talking to a Twitter friend today about teething (her little girl just turned one, she's cutting molars). It's so AWFUL!! And there's no point to it, the teeth fall out 6 years later :-( bless her. I remember little chubby hands grabbling the toothbrush to chew on.weep.

    One of the worst nights of my life was when Diggy was 2 weeks old and Bertie (15 months) was cutting molars. Neither would settle without being on me, cuddled by me and (Diggy) fed all night. ARGHHH!!!

    Poor Elle. Have you tried frozen face flannels? Wring in cold water, freeze, hand over to chew to sooth inflamed gums. xx


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