Monday, May 2, 2011

A Snap Shot of Autumn

I love to find a heart in nature I've said it before and it hasn't changed.
Lay down breathe slowly, take it all in, the beauty of the changing seasons.
Like stained glass the sun shines through.
ooh I love the colours of autumn.  Not a lot of words today, our Lucas was born almost 2 years ago and I am feeling a little blue.


  1. Wow! Stunning photos.

    I'm so sorry you are feeling a bit blue - those anniversaries are so difficult. You are in my thoughts.

  2. Dear Kim, not a lot of words needed. I am sending you a big hug, arms of understanding your loss....
    I love autumn too, the colors, still trying to do our Spring, planting is usually May long I should be ready by then. sending loving thoughts your way as you remember your little angel. hugs.

  3. Sorry to hear it's a tough time for you, it's right to be quiet and remember his short life, the joy that he brought and the sadness he left behind. Difficult days indeed. xxxx

  4. glorious colors!! I'm sorry you're feeling blue - I am sending you hugs and support to help you through this.


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