Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Okay howdy there guys, now let's just get something out of the way, I am officially a Crawler,, Ta Da!!!!!  Now funny thing though that to be a crawler is not always a good thing over here in the Land Downunder.  To be a crawler means you grovel up to people, like you say nice things to them to get in the good books and stuff so I am just clearing things up here, I am not that sort of crawler okay.  I am a mover and shaker type of crawler, you know on all fours and motoring.  Yep that's me and to prove it, here I am in action, yeah I know a picture of my cutie patootie, my toosh, my bootie licious bootie, yep my big ole butt.  How darn cute is that!!!!?
I am all over the place now and quick, well you just go blink and eye and I am outta here.  There is so much stuff to discover now.
Like this little beauty, she was really quiet and didn't wanna talk, but she is pretty.  Nan wouldn't let me get too close, she says her name is Dorothy and she is really old, and came out on a boat from England about 60 years ago with my Nanny Brenda. That is nan's mummy by the way and she is really really old, cause I know nan is really old too.
See what I mean stuff to find, this crawling is cool.
And I made another discovery today, lolly pops, yep, well I think I have told you that my mummy says I am not, NOT allowed to have lollies, bummer I know, but I'm not and when I visited Kimmy and Aunty Jane today, well Kimmy had a lolly pop, a red one too, I bet they would be my favourite if I ever had one.  I wanted it, I stared at it, I was drooling, well actually I do that sometimes anyway, but you get the picture.  Well suddenly Aunty Jane gave me one, yep right there in my little hand was a red, yes RED lolly pop.  I put it straight in my mouth, what else would I do really and man oh man it was good.  Now I know my nan is quick off the mark, but you shoulda seen her move, when I go that lolly.  She was up and over and had the darn thing outta my mouth that quick it's like a dream.  Did it really happen did I actually get to taste that sweet, sticky sugary goodness.  Did I or did I dream it, I'm not sure now you know.  Anyway I heard nan tell Aunty Jane that mummy says I can't have lollies and Aunty Jane was like all sorry and that and I'm like hey don't worry no harm no foul, I was lovin' it.  Oh well one day I might actually get to have more than a quick suck, maybe I'll get to eat the whole darn thing.  Until then I have the memory however brief of the glory day of my first lolly pop.
This is Arrabella too by the way, another friend for me,  I tell you what, Kimmy has some friends.  There is always a visitor at her house, so much fun.
We all sat together and watched Dora the Explorer, good music to dance to.

I also had my first vegemite experience today, well I think it was my first, I can't remember having it before and nan says I would if I had had it.  And ya know what I love it.  It is black and you know I like black things, look at Kimmy and Jane and all my African friends, they are all black.  So I was pretty keen to have a try.  Nan says she doesn't know any American people who like vegemite, it must be an Aussie thing hey?
And I discovered my fingers, really up close ya know.  Like I've seen them before, I've always known they were there, but look I really noticed them today, they are pretty amazing actually.
Hmm yep it's official I love, love, love good ole vegemite yum.
And bubbles, yep I love bubbles too and I'm not talking about my Aunty Carmel either, though she is a pretty good sort!!!! Ha ha I don't know what I've said but nan is laughing her head off here, any way these bubbles, this is what I love.  Nanny was blowing them for me while I had a swing on the deck.  They make me squint a bit, cause they kinda come at me, but I love them.  Nanny says all the girls in this family liked bubbles when they were little, only nanny liked them best and when she would get a bubble blower she would never let my aunties or my mummy blow them.  So sometimes they would all leave and just nanny would be sitting there blowing bubbles ha ha, that makes me laugh.  Silly old nanny.
Yep, today was a good day, I met the girl in the chair, called Dorothy, going back to check her out again real soon, hope nanny doesn't catch me though, then I got my first suck of a lolly pop, yum yum, a new friend Arrabella, a vegemite sandwich first too, I liked that as well and BUBBLES, yeah what a day.  So I am going to go have a rest now, too much for one day really.
Till next week,
Be safe, be happy, be loved,
Love Elle


  1. AWW, crawling and everything. she is a little sweet heart. It was nice to see that doll. wow.
    I want to play with some bubbles today just because of you. have a great weekend.

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  3. Our boys have loved bubbles and swings and friends too..Thanks for sharing your sweet Fridays~She's adorable..they all are!


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