Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Playing peek a boo, swinging in my swing, going for walks in my stroller and drives in nan's car, lying on the bed feeling sleepy while nanny tickles my face and sings mockingbird to me, watching nanny watching me, and poppy grinning from ear to ear every time he comes home and sees me, these are a few of my favourite things.  I think they might be nan's too.  I herd nanny talking to mummy the other day and they were saying how my mummy used to be really close to her nanny, that's my nan's mum, and now she isn't so close anymore.  Mummy said to nanny well as the grandchild gets older they don't always want to spend time with the grandparent.  
What you talkin bout mum!!!!!  Nanny was like are you for real, she didn't say anything cause she knew it was true, but she didn't like it I know, see I can tell, cause me and nan are real close.  Her and I were talking about that later and we were wondering why, why is it that sometimes when the kids get older they lose interest in the nans and pops that spent so much time with them and loved and adored them so much when they were little.  What happens?  And more importantly how do we stop it from happening.
Yes okay I got a bit distracted after awhile and started chatting to dragon, but then I got back to wondering about that.  Like right now I love coming to see nan and pop and they have told me they are gonna take me places that are really cool when I get bigger.  Nanny wants to teach me to paint and scrapbook and cook and take photos, she even is gonna buy me my own camera as soon as I stop chewing everything she says.  And pop he wants to build me a dolls house like he built for mummy years ago and he wants to take me fishing like he did my aunties and camping and have bonfires in the backyard so I think all that stuff will make me love coming here for a real long time.  I wonder if when i get to school I will lose interest, or will it be when I get like a teenager and get a job on the weekends and a car and stuff and oh a boyfriend.
Hmm a boyfriend, that sounds kinda nice, like I wonder if he'll be tall and have dark hair or maybe blonde, mummy has always liked black guys she says, and daddy laughs cause he is really white most of the time.  Anyway a boyfriend might be what will stop me from coming to see nan and pop, but I could always bring him here too and he could go on pop's quad bike and go swimming couldn't he?  So that shouldn't make a difference.  No I don't know why I would stop coming, I know nanny doesn't want me too and anyway right now we are just gonna enjoy all the time we have together, I think it will be a few years yet before we have to worry about that, well I hope it is anyway.
Right now I just am gonna swing high and long and just enjoy my time with nanny and poppy, the bestest grandparents in the whole wide world, wheeeeeee!!!!!!
See ya next week


  1. She is so so cute..the last shot is great! You are getting better and better all the time:) You must get Elle a little camera later:)With shoes to match of course.

  2. my nieces love to swing just like i did - there is something so beautifully simple and fun about swinging


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