Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Well hello, hello, how is everyone today?  It is autumn here, so nan says and that means it should be getting cooler, well the nights are maybe but the days are still warm and beautiful.  Nan & I sat on the deck for a while today looking at the birds and the butterflies, and just chatting about things.  You know how it is sometimes, when your just chillin with your best friends, the time just flies by.  Hey I'll be 8months old this week, nearly 1 can you believe it?!!
Nan keeps saying how time flies, I don't really get that but a lot of the time I just smile and snort a little and everyone thinks I'm agreeing so that's okay.  I'll tell you what though I am starting to eat food, and hey I really like it.  Mummy has been giving me some organic yoghurt with raspberries and blueberries in it and it is so yummy.  But now my bottom is sore and nanny says it's probably cause I am having all this new food and some of it is a bit much for me just yet.  I'm still gonna eat it though it's really good.  Actually nanny and me had a good old laugh when nan was getting the yoghurt out for me, cause you see mummy has said I am not... so hear me now.. not not not allowed to have sugar.  And poppy keeps saying he is gonna buy me a choo choo bar (that's a sticky black licorice bar) and a red skin (a sticky red  sweet delicious) lolly and McDonald's which I'm not allowed to have either.  So anyway when nanny was reading the label she discovered that the yoghurt has heaps of ORGANIC SUGAR in it.  Well I thought she was gonna laugh her head off cause mummy has been so serious about me not having sugar and here is all this sugar in the yoghurt.  Life is just so hard and difficult sometimes hey!?

Life for me at the moment is very interesting, I can see really crazy things in my big round tumbly thing and it really fascinates me.
My dragon friend is my favourite, just like me with spots.
We have a few little secrets together.
Ha ha ha ha!!!! my aunties think I look like Dwight from the office in this photo, who the heck is Dwight???
Me I just wanna have fun!!!!!!
So till next week,
stay safe, be happy, know you are loved
Love Elle


  1. Hi Elle,

    Yes, it is hard to believe that you are over 8 months old. Your Nan and your parents are so proud of you! Your fall is just beginning and soon you will have to put on ol' heavy, scratchy clothes...and Nan and Pop too! But me? I am beginning to break out the spring dresses and big hats....those to keep me from having the sun hurt my body. But, not too soon...cause yesterday it was 80 degrees F....and today, it is snowing....that is just the way it is around here in April and May.

    You have a lovely week..


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