Monday, April 4, 2011

Flowers, Auctions, Food and all things fun

At the markets on Sunday I splurged on flowers, it's a month into Autumn here, you wouldn't know it, it still feels like summer, some days, hot and a bit muggy.  But the flowers on sale, made me think it was Spring.  Dahlia's oh they are so beautiful.
The most gorgeous pinks, and huge.
And we went to a clearance sale auction on Saturday.  I am still excited.  It was a beautiful home which sold for just over a million and the owners must have been downsizing as they were off loading so much wonderful stuff.  I managed to win 3 lovely jars filled with silver cake servers, and teeny tiny teaspoons.  I am yet to photograph them, you'll see them when I do.  
We also were the envy of the show when we snaffled two gorgeous striped lounge chairs, yep I'll show you them too later.
Oh and gerbras I forgot, how could I, I always buy these super duper gerbras from my friendly gerbra man at the markets too.
She's blushing cause I told her how gorgeous she is.
After the auction we were hungry, really hungry and excited so off to lunch at one of our favourite spots.  Under the trees we ate Kafti Prawns and mango and chilli salad and Duck Pie, we spoilt ourselves.
The cattle egrets looked on, I was not in the mood for sharing either.

 Oh and a star burst I managed to snap this one.
And this little glass pond in the garden at the auction, the owner made it herself and I am sure the fairies swim here.
What a fun weekend.  Oh and on the homefront, we made pizza, had another bonfire, the girls slept over, and my hero Prince Adrian built in our wardrobe, he is a gem, a keeper really.


  1. oh my goodness, yummy food, gorgeous flowers....what a great day!

  2. beautiful photos Kim, all of them, it does sound like a fabulous weekend. I love that Prince Adrian helps you out. have a great week. take care.

  3. Beautiful pictures, as usual. I do love dahlia's. The thing I miss most about living "down the slope" is not being able to garden as I once did because of the altitude and cold.

    Oh, well, life is a compromise, right?

  4. The dahlias are so beautiful! I'm not sure I've seen them before, but I am not good at knowing what flowers are what, so perhaps I have and just don't realize it.

    It sounds like such a fun weekend to me.

  5. Beautiful collection of photos, the colors in the flowers are just so pretty

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots, especially of those flowers!

  7. Now I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming over again to read more ( news.


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