Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fridays with Elle

Hey there everyone here we are again, another week has come and gone and the world is spinning as usual.  No need to get stressed though, so I am just chillin' here with Nan today.  Chewing on a rusk organic of course and well just hangin' out with my all time favourite person in the entire world.  The new tooth is going well, you can see it when I laugh now, well if I don't put my tongue over it you can.  You know it's really interesting spending time with older people, they talk all the time.  Well a lot of the time, nan is talking to me most of the time, natter, natter, chatter, chatter.  I don't mind though cause she tells me really interesting things, some about mummy and some about her and pop and my aunties too.  I hope I can remember them later, when I am older cause I reckon I could use some of this information for my benefit. Ha ha now I'm not sneaky you know but a little information can take you a long way.
I heard nan say she is thinking of taking up yoga, she says it will probably help her back and well, just be really good exercise for her, she says when you get older you stiffen up, huh really, I can't imagine not being able to chew on a toe when I feel like it.  She says I should make the most of being so flexi now cause it won't last forever, yeah right whatever nan.  I'll always be able to do this I'm sure.
It's interesting though catching nanny just staring at me I call her a stare bear, ha ha!!!  I don't know why I am so fascinating to her, I generally just hang around and smile, but she seems to be totally stuck on just looking at me.  Sometimes I wonder if I have something stuck in my teeth, oh hang on I don't have enough to get something stuck yet, but you know what I mean.  I heard her telling mummy how when mummy was little nanny didn't have the time to just sit and play and watch her, she had to do the nappies and the cleaning and all that stuff, and now nanny just loves being able to sit and watch me and play with me.  Hey I love the attention.  I wonder if that's why nanny thinks I am so special, because she just gets to hang with me and not make all the big decisions about me.  I know when she looks at me she sees Lucas too, everyone says when I was born I looked exactly like him.  I guess maybe she is wondering what he would have been doing if he got to be my age.  Absolutely everyone says I am a good girl, a beautiful baby, a sweetheart, all that kind of stuff, so I am really happy that I make everyone happy, I don't even try really.  I just know I am loved heaps and that I am safe and I hope all the babies in the world could say the same.  Anyway I'm going now nanny needs to check me out some more.... ha ha oh well what can I say, she loves me I guess.
See ya next time
Love Elle


  1. She even make s me happy..and she's great at yoga:) So cute!

  2. Elle, that nan is right you are beautiful. have fun playing with Nan and don't get things stuck on your tooth. I bet your ticklish, does she tickle you too. have fun....oh I think your Nan is the best. bye little darling.


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