Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer Days, Floods and Prehistoric Creatures

Oh I love sunny, summer days.  I don't love the heat and the humidity at all, I melt to be truthful, but I love warm sunny days and I love swimming.  So our pool is getting a workout at the moment.  Yes most of Queensland, the state in which I live, is unfortunately under water.  Entire towns devastated. literally thousands of homes under water.  Rivers are still rising and the lasting effect of this is expected to take weeks to pan out.  These are the worst floods we have experienced in 150 years.  Devastating for so many people and businesses and even our international trade.  We had the raging river behind our house shown in the last post, and our soil has remained soggy and is taking a while to dry out, that's one of the pains of black soil, but other than that, oh and my flooded out studio, which we now have painted and fiddled with, we escaped unscathed. I am so sorry for those that are still suffering.  We are expecting more rain over the next few days, so the total effect won't be known for several days/weeks.

Elle had her first swim on Monday, we didn't know how she would like it.  But like all of my children she took to the water like a little duckling.  I adore her cute little hat and she loved Poppy nursing her in the water.  
Of course all of us were completely smitten with her, everything she does captivates us.
We also found this guy sunning himself on a log near the pool.  He is a Frilled neck lizard I think, harmless but so pre-historic looking.

Today in History: 
1895 - Discovery of X-Ray is announced by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen.
1941 - Pioneer aviatrix Amy Johnson goes missing flying over the Thames, she was never found.
1981 - English police arrest Peter Sutcliffe, a truck driver later convicted of the Yorkshire Ripper murders of 13 women.

Adam and Eve had the perfect marriage.  He didn't have to hear about all the men she could have married...and she didn't have to hear about how well his Mother cooked.


  1. Thanks for your update on the floodings:(

    Elle looks like she will be Esther Williams..Your photos are superb!

    Sharp..crisp and clear!Oh do we love our grandchildren:)

  2. ahhh, summer - that looks heavenly

  3. I am so glad to hear you are okay and not too badly hit by the flooding. You have been in my thoughts and prayers Kim. now the swimming looks so wonderful. I looked at some previous posts and little Elle in her jolly jumper for New Years..oh she is a love.....sorting truths and lies, seems we all have to do this can tell I have been playing catch up here. hugs to you. So very sad all the flooding in Australia, I pray it stops. hugs.


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