Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa's been & gone

It is for me isn't it?  Really it is promise me.  That's what she looks like hey!  So darn cute i can hardly breathe.  And Christmas is so about children.  Even at this tiny 4 month age, it is so wonderful having a child to share Christmas with again.  Our girls are grown and somehow the shine goes off Christmas when the kids aren't little any more.  I know the whole meaning of the day doesn't change, at any age, but the absolute excitement of the going to bed early, waking up early, tearing the paper from the present, the shiny eyes, big smiles, squeals of delight and the giggles and just the wonder of the whole day is different when the youngest kids are 21.  So this year I can see again the wonder and excitement coming again in the future.  Princess Elle was very excited she loves the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree the most and spends ages just staring at them.
Here she is with her mum roped in opening her present.  How sweet.

She has a magic little smile, that stops you in your tracks, what a little angel.

Ever the most popular girl in the room, once again the star of nearly every photo, what a life this little one has.

Christmas Eve started well with the girls having a quick cuddle with their dad.

Vegas drinking mugs in hand the day started well for Ashleigh and Danielle, but didn't end so well for Nelly ha ha age will teach her a thing or two I think.

The traditional family photo taken and I now have resolution lose weight woman what are you thinking!!!!!!!!
Gotta love Danielle's moustache though.
So once again the food is prepared, presented and eaten.  The plates cleaned off and put away, the presents wrapped and unwrapped, the tidying done and the left overs prepared.  The presents lovingly given and received and for me the best present of all, I have had everyone together again.  I love Christmas for that mostly.
I hope your day was wonderful, filled with love and friends and family.
Let's get ready for 2011.


  1. Great shots!! Happy for you! Life changes in a heartbeat!! Elle is adorable..and so are all your girls.. We were dressed quite's 5 degrees F right now..Brrr..

    Love the kids at Xmas too..

    Love them.
    Our reason to smile out loud.

  2. what fun!!! so glad you all had a happy christmas!

  3. Oh M it is so rainy here but we can't complain as we have had such a drought, and definitely our reason to smile too.
    Char I hope you did too!!!!

  4. you guys are so very very lucky! beautiful family. and i'm so pleased you got a shot with you in it kim.

  5. And this is what Christmas is all about - love your granddaughter, she is such a cutie!

    Love this pictures!


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