Friday, December 24, 2010


Oh my goodness where has the last week gone?  Truly I looked and I haven't posted since Sunday where have the days gone.  I seem to remember last year having so much more time.  This year well the days have rolled together and here I am a week after my last visit here.  I apologise but such is life.  Last year on Christmas morning we received the absolutely wonderful news that Paul and Alicia were having another baby.  I remember having distributed the gifts, all of us trying to be happy while we had this niggling pain that our little Lucas wasn't with us.  Then after the gifts were given they gave us the best gift of all.  The gift of a grandchild. And we all know Princess Elle don't we.  By the way it's Friday today as I write and I am not having my darling come visit today.  Tomorrow I will get to spoil her once again and together we will all enjoy our day together.
We are sharing lunch together tomorrow and after a morning visit to church we will gather and eat, laugh, share, cuddle and open gifts.  Yeah gotta love the gifts!!!! It seems to get harder to buy as the girls get older, a little more discerning and a little fussier.  When they were little the $2 shop was a treasure trove and they were delighted with their pile of booty.  Now well let's just say the $2 shop doesn't quite do it anymore.  
Can you see Elle's big green dragon under the tree?  He is gorgeous, spotty on his back and he makes crinkly noises and is covered in different textures.  I'm sure she'll love him.
I can remember years ago, my Mum giving each of the girls one of these little baskets, each has a different character on the front and we have over the years, put all sorts of goodies in them.  This year just a little chocky Christmas ball.
I do know though that this Christmas will also see some of us not so happy.  Some alone and not able to be with family.  I feel for you.  I wish you could join us.  I give you a hug.  I send my love to you.  I think of those that are grieving this year, I know your pain.  All I can say is that I pray the pain eases for you and it does, but it takes time.  So this Christmas day I send my love to you all.  Thanks for the last year and I am looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings.  Here our land which has been in a drought for nearly 15 years is flooding, things change from one day to the next.  Hang on, keep breathing and keep believing.  Let's take the journey together. 
Lots of love to you all
Kim xxoo


  1. merry christmas, my friend!!
    love you!

  2. Best wishes you all of your for a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!


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