Monday, October 25, 2010

This, That and the other

Eight weeks today until Christmas Day eeekk!!!!  Really how did the year fly by so fast.  I can clearly remember last Christmas Day, after opening the presents Alicia and Paul gave us the news they were having another baby.  Of course we all cried and cheered and laughed and cried again.  So here we are again almost another year gone.  Baby Elle is here with us and you know how happy that makes us.  So I think of Lucas again, not so sadly but with a longing to know what he would be like now, walking and chatting and falling down and getting up again.  Smiling and trying us for all he is worth.  He would be 17months now.  Whenever I water my boy in the bowl for some reason I am reminded of Lucas. I know we will never forget him.

I know I must seem like such a flibberty jibbit, all over the place with regards to my projects.  I have begun the vegie patch and my studio and headbands for Elle and her mobile and I start and then you don't seem to see the finished project.  The story of my life at the moment and it drives me nuts.  So Adrian and I started and almost finished our chook pen on the weekend.  We have this old shed, insulated and with a cement floor and roof and all in the back yard, actually kind of the front but seeing as there is 9 acres it isn't exactly the front.  Anyhow we dug holes hey I actually used the post hole digger for the timber post, amazing I know.  We ran the wire round and the vermin mesh on the bottom, I hate mice and snakes so we are trying to keep them out.  It looks cool I think and I can't wait to get some hens and have our own eggs.  This is hilarious cause I am so not the country girl, but I am loving this.  Next weekend we'll do the perches, take the pots to the dump, they were left here by the last owners, and get some chookies yeah!!!

Like I said it's nearly Christmas and the stores are in full flight again with their decorations taking up a huge space near the entry of most stores.  I smiled to myself when I saw these very Australian themed pieces.  A surfing Kangaroo..he he!!

So we have Santa on a crocodile, crikeys mate, who are they kidding here!!!! and very Australian the Santa in thongs and hawaiian shirt and can of soft drink, very funny.  Oh and the sunnies yep gotta have sunnies at Christmas well summer anyway.

Actually we are looking forward to summer here, we have a pool now and this will be our first Christmas here, so I'm sure we'll all enjoy the swimming.  The weather bureau is predicting a wetter than usual summer though so who knows.

Cannot wait to get all my African friends over for a swim, the kids love the water.

Oh here are Elle's headbands too, found them while scouting for other shots, see I do finish most things.

Lastly another photo adjusted for Kim Klassen's Skinny Mini e-course.

When you go to court, you are putting yourself in the hands of 12 people who weren't smart enough to get themselves out of jury duty.


  1. I can't beleive you are getting chooks....The city girl is going fast, hahahah...WE MUST CATCH UP FOR A CUPPA...

  2. I am assuming chooks are chickens...not sure. lol. now how is that for a blonde moment. your pic are all beautiful. do they celebrate Halloween there Kim. have a great week.

  3. Wow, it doesn't seem like one year ago that Paul and Alicia said they were pregnant.

    I can't wait for Christmas! Cocktails by the pool :)

  4. I love your Boy in blue..:) Chickens? What fun..maybe blue eggs?

    Her hairbands are sweet..

    You'll have a fabulously Elle Christmas..

  5. Love that fence shot and I love holiday directions from the southern hemisphere - santa and a surf board is so strange for a northern hemisphere girl like me

  6. Looks to be a happy holiday this year. So glad for you and your family. Sweet, how the cherub seems to be sleeping, like your little Lucas.

    Fun to see all the summery Santas and other holiday doo-dahs. Thank you for sharing them. Gives a whole new perspective on the holiday season, to think of swimming outdoors in December.

    Good luck with the coop and critters! I can't wait to see how it all goes. You will give us lots of pics, yes?

  7. have fun with the chickens!

    i haven't seen christmas decorations yet. i don't know if it means i haven't been shopping much, or they're just slower here. (come to think of it, it might wait until the weekend when the halloween stuff comes down.)

  8. Elle's headbands are the cutest...

    Isn't that the statue boy that was at your previous homes?

  9. Yes Se'Lah the very same one we couldn't leave him behind. He weighs a ton though.
    Ooh Katherine glad to see you can commment now thank you.
    Cinnere we are only just beginning to celebrate it lately, the stores have costumes etc.
    Mandy call me coffee will be great.
    Ash cocktails by the pool it's a date.
    Monique, thanks Elle Christmas it will be.


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