Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playing with texture, colour and so much more

As you may know I am participating in Kim Klassen's fantastic, super duper, wonderful, Skinny mini e-course and so I am constantly editing photos at the moment.  Seriously glued to my computer, oops I see an RSI happening here.  Oh well I am drooling.  So anyway i didn't take this shot, Ashleigh and Danielle did while in the States a week or so ago.  I had to play with her.

Some graffiti shots the girls took and I cropped, textured and generally played with.  Last year when they were in Germany they got the most awesome shots of the graffiti in Berlin and on the old wall.  We adjusted them a bit and ended up framing them they are great.

So that's where I have been for the last week, what have you been doing and if you're free come rescue me.  I am being held hostage by a host of photos and creative juices, I need to get out, please help me!!!!!


  1. Wow! Some great work here. I hear the course is amazing.

  2. I know this is my passion where to from here that is the question!!


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