Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Possum Hunting

Spring brings the dandelions, Santa Claus plants, blow and make a wish and I am afraid I have been a little distracted by them lately.  They pop up all over the place, and I am to be found near them, flat on my belly camera in hand, mouth grimacing, ants crawling all over me, spiders biting me and mozzies having a banquet.  But I love the results.  I have decided I am a macro fanatic, what can I do but succumb?  Textures another addiction of mine and again from Kim Klassen

I love making such different looks from very similar photographs.  It is my fun at the moment.
I am thinking hard about what I should also be photographing, it is hard to stay interested, when it is flowers, animals and babies.  So I am thinking, thinking and trying to inspire myself into coming up with something else.
Mind you I am never bored of snapping the gorgeous Princess Elle.

Oh those lips I just wanna kiss them ha ha!!!!

Really funny looks like she has this hugely long arm.  This was a babysitting stint I did last week, oh I love it.
She is 9 weeks today, I wonder when we will stop counting the weeks?
Okay off possum hunting now, they come out at night and hang about in the dead trees, the echidnas too.  We've seen the evidence of them in the gardens so are going to go hunting.  We also found a nest of about a dozen baby brown snakes on the weekend near the pool.  Not a favourite thing of mine or Adrian's so we killed them, I know some of you will be up in arms.  But a baby brown is as poisonous as a big one and they seem to love the pool in the summer so I am sorry they had to go.  So off searching we go.


  1. now look at the princess ;) sleeping so soundly. bet she's having wonderful dreams.

    your pics are out of this world. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would just take pics of her all day..I find when my little ones are around nothing holds a candle to them:)

    She's just precious.

    When Lulu was born I gave him a present every month ..until 3 more little boys arrived in succession..:)

  3. Your photos are worth a few mozzie bites - awesome!

  4. Make a wish... and blow!

    Baby,baby baby! Elle is so precious. I love the way you captured her skin, her peaceful sleep. I breathe in and can just smell that sweet baby smell.

    thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

  5. I love how you found slightly "used" dandelions. Beautifully captured.


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