Monday, September 27, 2010

Dance Like There's No One Watching

Have you ever, do you often, would you like too?  Dance that is, like no one is watching, like you haven't a care in the world, as if you have wings on your feet and you can fly where ever you want to.  Well I want to, and I just might actually do it, not just think about it.  I was brought up to be responsible, very responsible, I paid board from the 2nd week I worked.  My board was more than half my pay back in the day.  But there was just Mum and I and I didn't complain, it didn't matter, I had plenty.  But I had to be responsible, for everything and I have been that way ever since.  I have real control issues, don't snicker, I am guessing many of us do, but I have over recent years begun to let things be.  Let things happen and see how it turns out.  Sometimes great and sometimes, I think I should have jumped on in like I wanted to and saved the day.  But all in all, hey they have all survived rather well without my loving interference.  

Now I am beginning to want to jump off and start something new, fresh, you know.  This year has been great, Elle is wonderful, Alicia and Paul are great parents, my baby girls, the twins, Ashleigh & Danielle well they turn 21 on October 11 and they are taking off to Las Vegas for their 21st.  Yep turning 21 in Vegas was never on my radar, hey that wouldn't have been very responsible of me now.  I am so excited for them, they are spending 3 nights in the Penthouse Suite of the Bellagio Hotel no less and then heading off to New York, Philly, Baltimore, sky diving over the desert in LV and heaps more stuff that makes me turn green just thinking of it.  So I wanna do the same, maybe not exactly but I am going to start to just Do It.

I turn 50 in January, arghhhhhh!!!!!!! I am freaking out here, and I have decided I am getting a tattoo, okay sit down, stop laughing or shouting whichever and just listen, please for just a minute.  I want a lovely branch with some tiny leaves scattered on it and maybe some little blossoms too and then I want two little birds sitting on the branch.  The first will have a blue belly and the second a pink, yep they will represent Lucas and Elle.  My plan is to add a bird after the birth of each grandchild.  So get up off the floor and try and see my point of view.  Always responsible, never doing anything I didn't take responsibility for, I was not perfect now, but I always did the right thing.  Now I just want to be a little rebel in some way.  Why ummmm I'm not sure I just want to and this is my way. The tattoo will be hidden I'm not really such a rebel after all, but I will know it's there and that's what counts.  

Have you rebelled in some way, honestly have you, whisper I promise I won't tell a soul.


  1. Hello little Miss Chickadee Kim, I am thrilled at all the thought you have put into this tatoo, that is wonderful. I don't know if I told you but my first husband was a tatooist. I have three....I love what yours represents. as for the control issues I understand. I think this will be a wonderful thing for you to do. take care my friend, anyone can get a tatoo, the beauty is in the symbolization, and your story could not be more beautiful. hugs and love.

  2. Ok Cinner please send me your email I checked out your blog for it but couldn't find it on either. I soooooo want to know what tattoos you have!!!!! Who would have thought and that's what I love about them and the idea of getting one, so conservative on the outside and a tattooed lady underneath.

  3. I'm a bit of a rule follower, but I still dream of doing something a little wild and crazy someday.


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