Monday, July 5, 2010

Tomorrow is the 6th July  and Se'Lah is hosting her Bridge of Love Random Act of Kindness Day, so are you up for it?!!  Really have you thought about what you might do for someone randomly tomorrow?  Or are you just waiting to see what comes up, who you are behind in the grocery store that you might be able to help get their load to the car, or maybe a neighbour that you will whip up a batch of your favourite and best cookies.  Or maybe you will take the littlies next door to the park so their mum can have a break.  Oh you've thought of something else ok what is it?  I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow, I was out most of today at the Chiropractor and then with my number 1 daughter doing some housework for her.  Her big tummy gets in the way at the moment and housework just tires her out, I enjoyed doing it for her and I enjoyed just having time with her.  I had a great day with Ashleigh on Friday too, buying some furniture for her new house and helping to put it together.  I hope I'll get a little time with Danielle sometime in the near future too.  Suddenly they are all grown up and I love all their company.  So back to tomorrow, I had intended to spend the day doing my housework, so I will have to think of something to do for someone tomorrow, I don't want to be the missing board in the bridge round the world.  

The most beautiful action in the world is to love.
The second most beautiful is to give.
Bertha von Suttner


  1. i needed the reminder! thanks.

  2. I absolutely love this! "I don't wanna be the missing board in the bridge round the world". I'm pretty sure you won't be ;). Love ya

  3. You could never be a missing board, your heart is too huge, glad you are fine, hugs to you, take care.


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