Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jumpers and Jazz

A drive on Saturday afternoon found us on our way into the country and off to a small town called Warwick.  The winter frosts have left their mark on the landscape and the wonderful browns and caramel colours everywhere witness that it is winter.  

Adrian tells me that over the years as he has come this way for work, there has been an old man living in this tiny hut.  Truly he was.  Not now though, maybe he has gone to heaven or maybe to a nursing home, either way his ability to live in this teeny weeny space amazed me.

Each July for the past few years Warwick has held, "Jumpers and Jazz in July".  It apparently started when the local council revitalised the main city streets and planted new trees.  Some citizens were concerned that the very icy cold winters would damage the trees and so rather quaintly dressed them up in jumpers.  Well it took off like a bomb and now there are dozens and dozens of trees decorated with wonderful creations from all over the world.  There were some from England and New Zealand as well as from all over Australia.  Who would have thought that little Warwick would create such a successful quirky festival.

A lovely felted coat, decorated with flowers with matching headband from New Zealand and this rather delightful cactus caught my eye.


And some of the lovely bright ones tickled me too.  Don't you just love the little jelly fish hanging from the trees?

I have been putting out some bird seed too and look who's come to visit.  These beautiful rainbow lorikeets abound here.  Along with pink and grey galahs and my favourite laughing kookaburras.  Oh but we have spotted some unwelcome visitors also, little furry four legged dashers, yes mice.  It is the time of year when they come looking for food and warmth.  And I hate to say it because I actually like most animals but I hate mice, next to cockroaches and snakes and big BIG spiders I hate them.  So we are doing our best to get rid of them.  Ah the joys of living in the country.


  1. hi kim...i loved this..where is warwick?

    is it in the u.s.?
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE that felted jacket with the flowers...darling

    and i love those cute birds...wish they were visting me....

    enjoyed all of this today :-)

  2. a wonderful peek into your world. :)

  3. Kary, no sorry Waarwick is in Queensland Australia about an hours drive from Toowoomba where I live. It is a small country town but very pretty with beautifully maintained old buildings.

    Thanks Char

  4. Yummy, yummy inspiring images. The first two are pure beauty. The last are just funny-making. I love those crazy trees and happy birds. Lucky you for capturing them all.

  5. I don't blame you, I hate mice too! I can honestly say I love all animals; I don't even mind bugs, but rodents I can't handle. This mouse trap works well, I recommend it.

  6. Sarah thanks for dropping by I'll check out the mouse trap thanks so much


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