Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm So Excited......I Just Can't Hide It

I am EXCITED!!!!!!! once again I will be a nanny in as few as say two weeks.  I have to say I just can't wait.  During this stage of Alicia's pregnancy last year Adrian and I were heading off to England and Europe for 5 weeks.  Alicia was definitely not this big last time either.  So it's like it's the first time again.  I am guessing that every time will be like the first time with all my girls.  This is exciting though seeing my daughter become a mother.  It kind of makes the hairs on my neck stand up.  The old mother lion thing is happening again, you know what I mean just let anyone hurt her now and watch out here I come.  Ha ha well after they get done with Adrian and Paul and both her sisters too.  We are a very protective bunch.

Last time when Alicia was a few weeks from delivering and we were a few days from flying out, I did a quick photo shoot of her and Paul.  So we wanted to do it again this time.  Paul wanted some country look shots, he is a country boy at heart and Alicia wanted some not so country shots, I hope they will be happy.  Now I know sun flare is not the best look, but seriously I love this shot.  It is Alicia and Paul to a tee.  He always has her laughing, and he is so so tall and she is so tiny in his hands.  I love the way they are together,  We never worry about her when she is with Paul, he will protect her to the very end.  And seeing them as parents for the short time they had Lucas last year was just heart wrenching.  What wonderful parents they were and will be again.

I just love seeing them smile again.  Really happy and excited again.

But I must say this is probably my absolute favourite photo.  Neither Ashleigh on the left or Danielle on the right, were here for any of Alicia's last pregnancy.  They left for the US and Europe in June, and returned when we did from Europe in late May.  So they are fascinated with her swelling tummy.  While they were touching and rubbing and talking to the little one yesterday they were treated to a good size boot from him/her.  Their faces lit up and Ashleigh literally jumped back with her mouth open.  It gave me a good laugh.  I don't know if you can imagine what it does to my heart to see my three beautiful daughters together like this.  I don't have a relationship at all with my sister and I am so happy for my girls that they love each other so much and can share these wonderful moments together.

So not long now folks, we are praying and wishing and hoping that this time everything will be perfect and that soon our empty arms will be filled with a beautiful baby.


  1. Oh Kim, I have followed along for many months now and feel so connected to your family. I am praying with all of you for this beautiful life. That God will bless you all with a wonderful child to love twice as much! Blessings!

  2. Kim, all the photos are wonderful, I remember last year of them on the fence, and then when I read of what had happened with Lucas, well you know I have been following you since. I can hear your excitement in your words, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I do love the picture of the three daughters, that is beautiful that they can all be together to experience this too. Be well my friend. Hugs

  3. I love this!!! Praying for them, for all of you and the little one about to arrive! AMEN

  4. I love your delight in the coming nannyhood. Alicia is a very lucky woman. So is her baby.


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