Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My girls have moved out...what an interesting time it is right now.  Ashleigh and Danielle moved out on Saturday and into a rental property we have in town.  A cute little 3 bedroom house with a nicely fenced yard for the dogs.  It's in a lovely part of the town and close to everything they will need.  When the tenants moved out we found that we needed to recarpet the entire house, which isn't huge so that was the first thing we had to get under way.  Luckily I found a store with carpet going extremely cheap and they were able to lay it the next day so that's all done.  We then spend the entire weekend moving their stuff and scrubbing the kitchen floor and just generally sorting and unpacking.  Now in the mornings I am on my own, it is strange.  No dogs even to keep me company.  That is weird, I am used to the sense that there is someone else here even if it the pups.  So I am missing everyone.  At the same time we are all getting really excited as the baby is due in about 6 weeks.  So as I said interesting times.

Now head on over to Necessary Room and see what the wonderful Se'Lah has going at the moment.  A random act of kindness day coming up on 6th July.  I always think of the movie Pay It Forward when anyone talks about random acts of kindness.  I just love the idea of surprising someone with a random act.  We have paid a stranger's toll and some friends dinner out and they weren't with us so they didn't know who did it.  It's good fun please join in and help build that bridge round the world Se'Lah talks about.

And for another interesting thing to do please go to Photography Book and you will find a great site for creating coffee table books or any sort of book that you want filled with your stories, poems etc and add your own photos for a great touch.  They are also running a competition until mid July and you could win $25,000 if your book is chosen as the best for 2010.  While you're there browsing make sure you click on the Blurb for Good button.  This is a neat little addition to the site where you can raise funds through the sale of your book for any charity or cause you designate.  For instance "Blog Aid: Recipes for Haiti" raised $45,000 for the people of Haiti, when 1800 books were sold.  The Dinner with Julie blog arranged this and I am blown away at the wonderful things people like Julie and Se'Lah do for others.  So run quickly over and check out the site thoroughly, I know so many of you have such wonderful photographs and ideas to share with others and you could make a little something for yourself or a favourite organisation.  What fun, I have this idea for a cool alphabet book and then maybe a learn to count book.  What with a little one on the way and hey maybe even a recipe book, see the ideas just keep coming.  So have a great day.


  1. Oh, I enjoyed your links and the peaks into your life just now. Happy, happy summer.

  2. You're an angel, Kim. ;). Ideas do not come to fruition without all the wonderful people in blogland making it a reality. Thanks for all you do! One love


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