Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Review - Lavender Morning

So here we are again another book down.  I must say this one "Lavender Morning" written by Jude Deveraux was not terribly exciting.  I have not read anything else by this author and she has written at least 15 other titles.  I'll start with the blurb on the back, well it isn't exactly accurate, perhaps the publisher wants us to think it will be far more exciting and intriguing than it is.  

The story of Jocelyn Minton living in a family who she certainly does not fit in with, and spending all her time with Miss Edi an elderly woman who befriends Joce and teaches her the more cultural aspects of life.  When Miss Edi dies she leaves Jocelyn her estate, a beautiful yet slightly run down home in Edilean, Virginia. It is here in Edilean that Joce meets Ramsay and Luke.  Which one will she choose?  Seriously after having known these two cousins for only a few days she is contemplating marriage to one or the other and that's where Miss Deveraux lost me.  Firstly she portrays Jocelyn as a well educated intelligent young woman and then in an instant this woman is madly in love with, well is she really Ramsay and then Luke.  Luke the gorgeous gardener and Ramsay the well respected and wealthy lawyer, how will she choose.  Arghh!!  I hate a story where the main female character is such a dough head she acts like a silly school girl with marshmallows for a brain.  I got frustrated several times in reading this novel.  There is a slightly interesting underlying mystery, which could have been fleshed out more and perhaps that would have saved this story from being a little dull.  I guess if you just want 375 pages of drivell to loll around in for a few days this is fine.  Certainly not a page turner and a shame because I think it had the potential to be much more than it is.


  1. i wasn't really happy with that one either

  2. Char, I am glad I wasn't alone I hate to be a bit negative but I really did find it a little dull.

  3. Thanks for the review. I especially like your comment about the female lead being a "dough head." LOL

    I think this is one I will avoid. I dropped in at Amazon and there were a lot of other people who weren't excited about it either.

  4. Haven't read it and won't bother now. Just finished the Post Mistress (interesting about WWII era) and before that The Castaways (which was okay... I think it was good in parts but certainly would not consider it a best seller by any means).

  5. It is difficult to find a really good read let me know if you do won't you?!

  6. What about Lunch in Paris? How was that? It looks intriguing.

  7. Relyn just posted the review you'll love the book by the way


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