Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cannes, Helene and the diversity of France

A 5 week trip to France is most people's dream. And we have lived it.  From the city centre of Paris and the awesomeness of the Eifell Tower to the simple beauty and nostalgia of the eucalyptus avenue on Margritte Island off the coast of Cannes, to meeting a blogger friend for the first time, all of these things have made the trip for us.  But today let me dwell a little on the amazing generousity of Helene and her wonderful family.  To the left are Helene and her sons Paul and Clement taking a stroll through the avenue of gums they took us to see in France.  Having asked us to meet and spend some time with them in Cannes at the end of our trip, we were taken by zodiac to the little island off the coast.  To stroll hand in hand together with our new friends was such a lovely and unexpected treat.

Shopping in the local weekly market another great experience. Helene explained that the best fish and seafood goes straight to the restaurants and the rest to the home plate. This huge squid was in no way about to make its way into my basket.  The fruit and vegetables on the other hand were so inviting.  It will be sad to have to go to the supermarket and buy most of my food from plastic bags and not straight from the farm.

Oh did I mention Helene can cook, really cook, her blog is primarily a cooking blog so I should have expected she would be a great cook.  I did, just not this good, really, really good.  I was sick on the first night we met and she had prepared a banquet for us.  Adrian did his best for both of us though.  Then on Sunday we went for a picnic on the island and she made the best quiche ever.  Rich and creamy and dotted with big black olives.  Mouth watering.

Dinner on Sunday night began with Lobster, grilled on the barby on the verandah overlooking the night lights of Cannes and washed down with icy sparkling wine poured over rose petal jelly.  I know amazing.  Tomorrow I'll dazzle you with a little more from Cannes.


  1. oh my...those drinks look so beautiful

  2. It was much too short .. You must come back ! As I told you, it takes at least 15 days to visit properly Cannes and its near surroundings ! There are so many nice places that we'd like to show you !

  3. J'ai lu sur le blog d'Hélène votre visite chez elle. J'imagine le bon moment que cela a dû être pour vous. Je ne connais pas Hélène mais son blog me ravit. Elle excelle en cuisine, décoration, description des lieux où elle passe, bref j'adore son bloG. J'ai eu envie de venir visiter le vôtre et de vous saluer (malheureusement je ne parle pas anglais mais... A bientôt quand même..


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