Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cannes - Fashion Capital of France

Now I know that the word is that Italy is the fashion capital of the world, but I beg to differ.  Cannes, France has to be in the running for that title.  The following photos are just a fraction and I mean a tiny fraction of the shots I took while in Cannes.  That little town, is filled with iconic fashion stores, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuttion, on and on the list goes and every store front is loaded with the most mouthwatering of fashions.  Really who can't imagine or at least dream of wearing the little number oppossite, just to bring a smile to their partners face.  My number 1 daughter wants one now and she is 29 weeks pregnant, the idea is a funny one. 

She also wants the shoes below and who can blame her stunning, stunning as they are.  Do take a look at the price tag though, that should put a dent in any of your spending sprees.
These too are gorgeous, a little summer dress swinging in the breeze would just look lovely with these to spruce it up, once again though you may have to sell a few organs to buy them, oh well it would be worth it don't you think.

Of course for the more serious office attire these might ring your bell, they ring mine that's for sure and I'm sure that any crazy woman wearing these on the streets of Cannes or most anywhere in France for that matter will be needing an ambulance pretty soon.  These boots might be made for walking but the cobbled streets sure aren't made for these boots.

I look at these boots and my big rubber matrushka printed farm boots look somewhat dull compared to this.  Oh well I just can't see me hiking up the hill in either of these so back to my flat rubber jobs hey.  Then again I could always wear the flat thongs, flip flops that are on offer.

Of course you have to have matching handbags in France, well anywhere really so don't worry they have some of those too.

And of course the men are not forgotten, well really I don't know a man who would wear this but here in France I can imagine some sauve, dark haired, hunk picking up his gorgeous girlfriend in his hot cherry red porsche, which by the way also abound in Cannes.  You know a Brad Pitt look alike or a Tom Cruise wanna be.  Not my hubby or my gorgoeus son in law but out there somewhere there are men wearing orange and pink, truly.  And they are getting away with it.

Only in France could it happen with such abandon, maybe only in Cannes, the fashion capital of the world I think.  This little town is a gem.  Don't be misled, there is much to see outside of the beautiful fashion stores, the red carpet and the rocky beach.  There are tiny villages perched on mountain tops, oozing old world charm.  Olive oil stores, filled with goods waiting to be eaten, cooked, shared, washed in, used in the kitchen, there are sweet stores loaded with rose petals waiting to be poured into your champagne flute and topped with the coldest champagne you have.  There are little islands to explore and new friends to meet and eat with.  One place in France I would visit again is Cannes, fashion capital and fun capital of France.


  1. i want what she wants.....i love that set and so would my hubby :)

  2. wow - that is some crazy fashion.

  3. A Cannes et son côté bling-bling..je préfère de loin les petits villages de l'arrière pays. Bonne journée.

  4. I just want a set of wings like those ;)
    welcome home, my friend.

  5. I'm in love with every pair of shoes you have photographed. I'd need a new wardrobe to go with them though!!

    A girl can dream.

    I hope your daughter is doing well.

  6. Translating Tanette2:
    At Cannes and its side bling .. I much prefer the small villages of the hinterland. Good day

  7. Beth I know her husband would be happy too even with the baby belly. haha
    Wings Se'Lah I think you have them already
    Liss me too and thw wardrobe of course they had that too
    Tanette2 the little mountain village we went to was adorable

  8. Well you could see that Cannes isn't only the Capital of luxury but a small and lovely town, with it's old streets, it's nice little markets and itsbeautiful islands !
    You know us, now, as well, and you know that you'll always be welcome ! Our home is your home !

  9. Oh Helene we miss you it was such a treat spending time with you all


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