Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bloomin' France

Truly amazing, these little heart shaped flowers caught my eye in the garden of Monet.  If I can find them I will try and grow them, somehow I think they belong to France they suit each other.  The country is so lovely and the gardens some of the best I have seen in my brief travels.  I live in a city called the Garden City and we have a large carnival in September, spring here in Australia, devoted to the beautiful gardens we have here.  I love gardening myself and both Adrian and I have huge plans for our little plot of earth.  Which by the way has begun with my back breaking weeding of the clover and dandelions that have take over the lawn.  But even so our gardens pale a little beside the beautifu Monet garden in Giverny.

The lake so famous for Monet's lily painting is just delightful.  The reflections mesmerising.

Some of these plants so exotic and amazing to look at.  I could have wandered and sat and gazed for hours, but the tour called and once again we had to move on, such a shame.

The beautiful blooms though were not confined just to gardens but sidewalks and florists also.  Flowers in buckets, and market places, the sweet scents wafting in the air.  The men and women loaded up with bouquets, for a loved one or their own homes.  France is awash with beautiful blooms.


  1. just beautiful beautiful beautiful - i so want to go there

  2. Just beautiful!

    Monet's garden is lovely, but I am especially fond of the closeups of the flowers - brilliant in their color, their details!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Such incredible images. WOW!!!

  4. absolutely beautiful.
    are you rested yet?

  5. it really was magnificent hope you all get there one day truly i do


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