Monday, May 24, 2010

Snow Ball Fight

Mont Blanc the highest mountain in Europe and I went up it, amazing I know and for everyone who knows about my terrible fear of heights it is a miracle.  This is Hilda our bus driver from Belgium and she is fantastic, she laughs all the time and reminds me of my daughters, just so much fun.

Snow, snow, and more snow.  We have never been in the snow and we had a good time.  This was half way up the mountain and as soon as we got on it we had a snowball fight.  Sorry to those passers by who copped a ball or two, oops.

Would you believe we met two Australians from Melbourne at the kiosk up here.  All this way to meet an Australian.

So off to lunch now and happy hour tonite.  Well we'll be happy anyway, not sure about the rest.


  1. Yay, snow!!!! You finally saw it. Did you make snow angels?

  2. no snow angels but i sat in it does that count?

  3. so glad you are having so much fun. nothing like a good old fashioned snowball fight. take care.

  4. Thanks Cinner and Helene we will be there soon xx


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