Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Annecy and Chamonix snow and chocolate

View from our breakfast room window in Chamonix

So we leave Chamonix today and our first touch of snow is done. We threw the snowballs and sunk in the softish snowfall. The secenery was jaw dropping. The icy mountains, the snow glistening in the very warm sun. The hang gliders stepping off the mountains and floating gracefully to the valley below. For me stepping out of the mountain top at over 3,000 metres was amazing. There were birds soaring below me.


The trip is nearing its end and I must say I am very tired. This tour group has been much more difficult to meld with. I miss Gretchen, I miss Kathy and Jack, Ron & Christie and Jennica and most of all Rolinka. I miss my children and my home routine and I miss my home cooking. Which by the way I complain about having to do when I am home, go figure.

I am looking forward to meeting Helene in Cannes though, very exciting to meet a blogging friend. The Cannes film festival will be over but maybe there will be a few movie stars lounging around the city, who knows. Really though I am excited about meeting some local folk. Helene's blog is like a little travel log as she shows us around her city and takes us on her holidays. This will be a highlight of the trip for me.

Tonight we are in Vaison La Romaine in Provence.  What a cute little town, winding streets and the neatest little shops.  Real Brocante for a change.  Tomorrow we are meant to be going to a Roman ruin, but neither of us can be bothered.  Then after we are to go to another wine tasting of the Cote de Rhone wines and a picnic, we told William our guide we wouldn't be going and he insists the setting will be wonderful and the wines the best yet, we'll see how we feel tomorrow.

One thing for sure the chocolates in France are unbelieveable, check them out here....

This is a tiny sample of the chocs in the windows of Chamonix oh my they are everywhere and I haven't bought any, God bless me hey!!

Mind you I put my hands on my belly while sleeping the other night and I have no rib cage, go figure I came here with one 5 weeks ago and I have lost it here somewhere in France.  Maybe under the cheeses, or crossiants, or croque monsuiers, or wines, I'm not sure I'll let you know if and when I find my ribs again.  Along with my figure which I admit wasn't great when I left but was better than it is now I have lost or left behind 2 pairs of knickers and a pair of knee high stockings.  Yep some lucky hotel cleaner is now in possession of my undies and footwear, how embarrassing.  Oh well what can I say....

This was the sunset that we were greeted with in Chamonix on our arival the sun so so bright behind the clouds and bouncing off the snow, brilliant.

On our way to Chamonix we had lunch at Annecy, the lake was lovely and as it was hot so many people were making the most of it.  We took a boat ride from one part of the lake to the other and on the way we spotted this unfortunate sailboat, oops, not sure what happened here. Tomorrow looms and I must sleep so till the morning Au Revoir.


  1. I bet I know what happend to you underwear...that fella on your last tour!!

    We sold cote de rhone wine at the wavedon an it as NICE wine..drink up!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. What a trip - thank you again and again for brining us along with you! it's been a delight!

  3. you did it! you and snow finally met ;)

  4. Especially love that photo of you and Adrian!


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