Sunday, March 28, 2010

You Are So Welcome

Welcome, welcome please come on in.  This is the driveway to our new home.  You come through the gate and if you go to the left you'll see the house from the first picture and if you drive right on the circular driveway you will go past our sheds, garages, and for the moment our storage room/guest suite.  Not quite visible through the trees.

On the right once again you will see our front yard, as above.  Down the slope is the beginning of our horse paddocks, but as I've said we have no horses and no intentions of getting any.  So I will be transforming the paddocks into garden patches, I have a couple of ideas there, bubbling away.

Come on in, our front door awaits you.  We will be changing the colour scheme soon, well soon enough, we have lots to do so I'm not quite sure when we'll get to that.  There is a little walkway and something like a gazebo at the front of the house.

By the way did you bring your swimmers, the water is lovely, surprisingly, as we are into Autumn now and usually the days are chilling down, but we have swum the last two days.  We pack here, drive there unpack and swim.  We feel like we are on holidays, wonderful.  All the land you can see in this picture is ours.

This verandah is off our lounge room and our family room/kitchen.  It overlooks the pool and the lovely peaceful mountain views.  I sat and had a coffee with a friend here on Friday, so quiet and lovely.

The other end of the verandah, it's sort of L shaped, off our Family room/kitchen and also looking over the pool.  We love it here, it is so exciting, just exploring the grounds and discovering, a shed with a concrete floor that we may build a chicken pen over.  And gardens filled with gaps so they have lots of potential.
There is a lot to do and I can not wait to really get started.  Easter is just around the corner, we will have 4 entire days just to dig and explore and fiddle.  Exciting.  Alicia and Paul are off to the doctors tomorrow in Brisbane.  They are seeing specialists about the baby, a heart specialist, as Lucas had a little valve defect.  Also they will find out the sex of their little one, they aren't telling anyone this time so it will be exciting for us still.  And can you believe it is only 33 days till we head off to France.  Life is filled with so many exciting things right now.  Hope you had such a wonderful weekend.


  1. It looks absolutely fabulous :0)

  2. looks like Drogheda..
    Beautiful estate~ Oh I see you loving life there.
    Wow..Very very idyllic.
    Do you like to swim?

    The views are beautiful too.

  3. GORGEOUS new home! May love fill the air and joy surround you.

    counting down to France with you.


  4. What an amazing place. I love your porch! Can't wait to see more.

  5. So inviting, I would love to jump on a plane and BE THERE! Maybe someday. Always praying for Alicia, Paul, and the little one.

  6. Thanks everyone it is lovely and so peaceful out there and yet we are just 10 minutes to the quite large shopping centre with Kmart etc. Best of both worlds.
    Thanks for praying for Alicia and Paul, Sharon.
    I love to swim Monique, well paddle around and float actually, I can swim well though, I'm just lazy ha ha!
    Eternally Distracted welcome!!

  7. WOW!! WOWOWOWOWOWO - congratulations! What a wonderful, exciting blessing.

  8. OK, when can I come for a holiday. I'm totally jealous it looks so beautiful and it makes me want to build my pergola but I have no room for a pool much to the kids disappointment.

  9. Anytime Liss just let me know and you too of course Sharon but you knew that already. Thanks Relyn it is lovely


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