Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy, Busy

Oh wow we are busy at the moment, all this packing and sorting it is exciting.  I am a purger, not a hoarder.  I think the only things I keep are scrapping odds and ends.  I love moving so we can do the big cleanout, throw away, donate thing.  I love clearing out stuff.  I think because I love to give stuff to people.  I am naturally a giver. I love wrapping presents, sending cards, gifts, making and baking for people, why I'm not sure I just love it.  So moving gives me the perfect opportunity to sort and send.  The annoying part is that whenever I do this I end up with piles.  You know piles of stuff going to different places, Trams, the girls new house, St. Vinnies charity shop, the dump, with us.  So instead of just packing and transferring from here to the new place, I have stuff going everywhere.  It can get a bit confusing and a bit messy at times. 

We went to the new house last night and walked the length of one side of the property, oh my goodnes it is huge.  Nearly 9 acres as I said in another post, but it is going to be a handful.  The previous owner had horses so he didn't really worry about what was growing too much and it is mostly weeds, lantana, that's a really bad weed here, but a lovely hedgerow plant in the UK, and prickles, I have never seen so many prickles, dozens of different prickles.  Ouch!!!  I had in my mind that we would be landscaping the entire block, you know some as park like areas, some native areas, well now I think we will be lucky to get rid of the weeds in 12 months, so maybe we will be here longer than we thought.  And to be honest I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to gardens, I like neat.  I love the cottage garden effect, but neat cottage gardens.

So time will tell what we end up doing with this land.  The horse yards I envisaged taking over and using as my vegie patch are literally covered in prickles.  I'm not even sure what we will need to use to get rid of them, but we will work it out, I am having my vegies and my flowers no matter what.  The outlook from the verandahs all the way round the house is lovely and would you believe it, as we are walking back down the little hill to the house, a neighbour riding his mower round waves us over and Adrian knows him.  Years ago they either went to school or played football together, and Ade knows his wife from the single days too.  It's a small world after all.  The photos here are not the new place, I hope to have time to get some over the weekend.  So have a great Friday everyone.


  1. I hope everything goes well..It sounds exciting and I actually envy your spring..the spring in your step:)
    It will be nice to see the pics of the new place..The estate:)

    The bee is as cute as a button..

  2. The new land sounds like it's filled with possibilities. So excited for you.
    Great pics here. hope you are doing well.

    one love.

  3. this sounds wonderful! it's as though i was walking with you, on your land.

  4. I've been tossing lately. I would have said I was not a hoarder, but the recent trunk-load FULL of junk headed for the thrift store might make me a liar.


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