Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Christmas Triva and a giggle I hope

photo from microsoft clip art.

Candy canes began as straight white sticks of sugar candy used to decorate the Christmas trees. A choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral decided to have the ends bent to depict a shepherd's crook and he would pass them out to the children to keep them quiet during the services. It wasn't until about the 20th century that candy canes acquired their red stripes.

I remember an episode of 7th Heaven, I loved that show, where Eric the pastor father in the series, tells a story about candy canes.  He said something like, they are white because Jesus is pure, they have red stripes because of His blood, the hook on the end is so we don't stray away like lost sheep and they are good to give to people so we can tell them that story, and about the birth of Christ at Christmas.  Nice to see the humble candy cane is so versatile, all this time I thought it was just a sweet, sticky Christmas treat. 

Frustrated at the lack of interest in his new toy invention, Charles Pajeau hired several midgets, dressed them in elf costumes, and had them play with "Tinker Toys" in a display window at a Chicago department store during the Christmas season in 1914. This publicity stunt made the construction toy an instant hit. A year later, over a million sets of Tinker Toys had been sold.

Clever man our Charles, see that's what amazes me, some people have brilliant ideas and act on them, they become the leaders, millionaires, teachers of our times and some have ideas and talk themselves out of doing them, perhaps it's fear of failing, or they just never get around to doing them.  Unfortunately the latter is often me.  I am really good at motivating (read bossing) others into doing and fulfilling their potential but when it comes to me doing something, I tend to drag the chain.  This is going to be my one and only (hopefully) New Years resolution.  I am going to be a walking, talking, living, breathing NIKE advertisement.......JUST DO IT!!!!!



This abbreviation for Christmas is of Greek origin. The word for Christ in Greek is Xristos. During the 16th century, Europeans began using the first initial of Christ's name, "X" in place of the word Christ in Christmas as a shorthand form of the word. Although the early Christians understood that X stood for Christ's name, later Christians who did not understand the Greek language mistook "Xmas" as a sign of disrespect.
Now for a few quick Christmas jokes...
What did the big cracker say to the little cracker ?
My pop is bigger than yours !

Who is never hungry at Christmas ?
The turkey - he's always stuffed !

What bird has wings but cannot fly ?
Roast turkey !

Whats the best thing to put into a Christmas cake ?
Your teeth !

We had grandma for Christmas dinner ?
Really, we had turkey !

Ok I apologise I know they are the corniest jokes ever, but they are kinda cute. Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. Don't apologize about the jokes:) I promise you I was doing the same thing yesterday..:) What's new? New York ..New Jersey..yes..that would be me ..but when someone is too young to understand what a joke's even funnier..:)

    Yes there are many many achievers!!! But the world needs all kinds..

    I like being ordinary..Less expectations..:) I try and do my best..but no matter how or when you look at it..everyone is better:)

    Have a great day!

  2. I only get this because my family lived in England for 3 years and they call them the same thing.

    What did the big cracker say to the little cracker ?
    My pop is bigger than yours !

    It made me smile!


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