Sunday, December 6, 2009

Come to My House

Ok so it's nearly Christmas, actually 19 days till Christmas Eve as I type this.  And this is the season of sharing and welcoming visitors into our homes.  Some we want to visit and some we just have to put up with or make the most of as best as we can.  But you guys well let me tell you, you're welcome to come to my house.  I'll give you a tour ok!  First if you actually do show up I know you'll have travelled a long way, across the face of the world actually, so you'll be thirsty, here have a drink from our urn, lovely isn't it?!

Here it is, it sits on our cabinet in the hallway, Adrian chose the olive green paint, isn't it just sooooo Christmasy?!  Oh and if you would prefer a cup of tea, though remember it is stifling here at the moment, the teapots are here also, feel free, help yourselves.  This way to the kitchen.

I'll make sure that Ade has some wood chopped for the cooker, it can be a bit tempermental, but I'm sure you'll manage.  Mind you, you can fry an egg on the pathway at the moment, so I'm sure something cool to drink would be your choice.  But hungry you will be, I don't know about you but I just can't abide airplane food, really, not for me.  So if you want to whip up something to eat then here, let me familarise you with the kitchen layout.

As you can see all modern conveniences are at hand, we are very fortunate you know, many people have to suffer through this Australian summer with little or no air flowing through the kitchen, that's not a problem for us as you can see.  And I believe in not cluttering the kitchen so we keep the place very simple.  Do you like the flooring, I chose that, pine you know, well you just can't beat simple beautiful floorboards, can you?!  Now when you have settled down from the flight, let's take a look at the bedroom, ooh this is the part I always get excited about, I am especially proud of my decorating in here, what do you think?

Now this is the single room, if you come with your hubby, of course we have a double for you, but this will give you a feel for the place.  The lovely quilt, well what can I say aren't the colours delightful, and the wall paper just so sweet. 

Of course I always make sure there is something rivetting to read, nothing better than a good book to run away in is there?  Can you imagine anything better than whiling away the day resting on this straw stuffed mattress, simply the best and drifting off to a sound sleep.  Ahh you will be a happy woman now won't you?

And don't worry you can pack light as I have shopped around the very best stores and found some deliciously styled night dresses, several sizes and styles, something to suit everyone I believe.  It's those little touches that make a holiday wonderful and oh so special isn't it. 

And don't worry, if you have any back problems and don't think that laying around relaxing, reading, having a little snooze might not be good for you, look we have the newest and most comfortable seating available at the moment.  Truly you will not know yourself by the end of this trip, I know I like to sit and read sometimes, maybe do a little needlepoint and of course a bed is not suitable at all for that now is it. 
now please I do not want you to think I am showing off here, but I do want you to be completely comfortable and at ease, after all it is a very long way to come and I want to put your mind at rest.  Nothing worse than checking out the accommodation on the internet and then arriving and finding the setting not quite what you expected, well here we have spared no expense and luxury all the way is absolutely what you'll find so don't worry your head about it.

For the art lover no expense has been spared and the walls are covered with the latest and most beautiful pieces of artwork you have ever seen, rest assured.  Adrian and I are so proud of our collection and of course the art shown here will also give you an indication of the latest swimwear fashions, you will of course spot many of the most modern women wearing these on your visit to the beach.  So if possible bring your cossie with you or of course you can easily purchase a swim suit here.  What a lovely reminder to take back with you, and won't your friends just be so envious of you. 

Of course you can expect some wonderful evening entertainment, just come on down the stairs and we will be entertaining you with wonderful renditions of all the latest tunes on our beautiful piano.
As you can see we have the tree up ready for your visit, we know you'll enjoy it.  Oh and of course we are using the candles to entertain by, what with all this greenhouse problem, we all have to do our bit now don't we.  You will be doing your bit too, you little greenie you.  Be proud of your efforts ok.
Now for the housekeeping information and if you are anything like me and I just know you are, you will be dying to know about the laundry and bathroom facilities.  So important these days aren't they, really the totally unacceptable amenities some people try and pass off, not at all something you have to worry about though.  Above is the recently updated laundry, complete with the most modern facilities available.  And the air flow just ensures that everything will be dry in a jiffy.  No problems with water either, just a short walk to the well and well there you have it.
Now don't worry yourself about winching up the water, Adrian keeps the well, well greased and it really only takes a little effort to get the dozen or so buckets of water you'll need throughout the day.  And hey think of it as an aerobic workout of sorts, those biceps will love you for it.

Now I don't know about you, but for me if the bathroom is not up to scratch then I am out of there.  But once again you do not have to worry your pretty little head about that, no not one bit.  Can you believe it we actually have air conditioned lavatory facilites, you are so spoilt.  And you can see we keep everything just perfect, note the bucket for collecting the you know what is actually missing.  Well of course it is, it is out being emptied isn't it, I did tell you it's hot here and well you can imagine how this thing smells after a few hours in the heat.  But don't worry we won't make you do the emptying, well not unless you have a terrible dose of the trots, then you are on your own, but the view from here is just outstanding, enjoy.
Pop on back inside and the ensuite facilities will leave you breathless, honestly.  Wash away the grime and sweat of the day and come refreshed and revived back down to the lounge for that sing-a-long we promised you.
Now I know I promised I wouldn't start tooting my own horn here, but truly I am just so proud of my house, my home, we are so fortunate to have these beautifully wallpapered, calico walls, not too many people round here can boast of that you know.  And just to prove I am not making this up, look for yourself, this is when Adrian was doing a little renovating round here.  Oh he is just such a hard worker and so darn talented.  I just love my man truly I do, where would I be without him. 
Now I know from past experience when people come to visit they want to be off all over the place, though why anyone would want to leave here when we have all the latest and greatest mod cons, I will never know, but they do.  So being the hosts we are, of course we will provide some transport for you, so you can head on out and discover our beautiful country for yourselves.  Isn't he just the most beautiful darn thang you've ever seen, and placid oh yeah he's a lamb, trust me.

So friends, please know you are welcome, Christmas is surely a time for sharing and we want so much to share our modest home with you.  Come on down under ok, Merry Christmas to you all.  Ho Ho Ho!!!!!
(All photos taken at the Royal Bulls Head Inn Drayton Toowoomba)


  1. it looks very cosy and welcoming :)

  2. Ha ha your decorating has changed since I last visited you!!!!Love the post though..

  3. I wish I could get lost here for a month or two. THANKS FOR SHARING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

  4. Beautiful!! I love that look. :)


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