Sunday, October 4, 2009


Ok so forgive me for having a whinge here but my eye is killing me!!!! Went to the hospital yesterday morning and it is some Mibomianitis or something.  I have to take antibiotics for 2 months can you believe it.  I am a little ticked off as next Friday the girls and I have big plans for a girls weekend in Brisbane.  It's Ashleigh and Danielle's 20th birthday on Sunday and we and Alicia are going to Brissy for a couple of nights.  We are booked into Bretts Wharf for dinner on Saturday night. I truly cannot wait for that.  Bretts is one of the best seafood restaurants in Queensland and I love seafood, well just food actually, so this thing better not be so red and sore by then.  Anyway on to happier things......

Liss the sweetheart sent me these gorgeous magnets in the mail.  She couldn't be a part of my Pay it Forward game (you can though) go to the link and check it out....but she wanted to send me a little something anyway and it arrived on Friday.  Soooooo exciting to get things in the mail!!!  So once again anyone who wants to play just post a comment here telling me you would like to play and we'll go from there.   Liss is a girl after my own heart, I love her photographic style and as I float around blogland I keep seeing her name pop up on sites that I want to follow too, so we must have a bit in common.  Don't you just love blogging for that reason?  So Liss thank you, thank you, thank you, I love your magnets and they are on my refrigerator doing a great job already.  I think of you every time I see them.  Thanks so much.

So now to Friday night cocktails.  Every couple of weeks the girls and myself and Adrian have decided we are going to do cocktail night.  We choose a cocktail and we have to add food that we feel might go with the cocktail.  Friday night was our first official cocktail/food night.  Adrian was the starter and he chose Strawberry Daquiris, yum.

The Daquiris were pretty good, a bit sweet for me, well sweet and sour but nice.  His food was really good.  He got some little lamb steaks and wrapped bacon round them like a tiny Fillet Mignon and they were delicious.  We had prunes wrapped in bacon as well, there is a pattern here isn't there he does love his bacon.  Then we had the best pizzas. Butternut Pumpkin & Chicken with Cashew and Basil pesto.  Oh my it was good.  O and I almost forgot we had sweet little Prawn Cocktails the old fashioned way.  Shredded lettuce topped with fresh king prawns and Thousand Island dressing.

Then last night we watched Atonement. 
I really enjoyed it, I think everyone else was getting a little bored, its long they kept saying.  It was nearly 2 hours not too bad really.  I really liked the concept of the movie.  You know we do something wrong, we know we have, we don't fix it, we hide it hoping it will work out, knowing it won't and then it's just too late to fix it without getting into all sorts of strife.  Hmm ever been in that position?   Then we spend the rest of our lives wishing we'd done things differently, wishing we could fix the wrong we've done and dreaming up in our minds how things could have or should have been.  I know when my parents divorced when I was 13, I had all these elaborate plans in my head of ways to get them back together.  You know like what if I run away and the police get involved and then they would have to get together to wait out the long nights of searching for me.  Well I told my sister I was going to run away with a reformed drug user I met through a boy at school.  He said he could hide me in the city under the Storey Bridge.  I thought it sounded like a plan.  My sister told my mum what I intended to do, she shipped me off to some friend of hers on the coast for a few days and a few months later the divorce was final.  So I always wondered if I had just kept it a secret, my plan to run away that is, I wondered if mum and dad would have ever gotten back together.  Chances aren't good either way, that they would make up or that I would have survived a night under the bridge with the drunks and druggies.  Probably a good thing my sister has a big mouth.  But the movie made me think about those things.  It was romantic, sad, and quite thought provoking I thought, so all in all not a bad watch.
Tell me what movie has made you feel good, or sad, or thoughtful lately.


  1. hi sweetie! i was so thinking of you, as i boxed your pay it forward gift.
    : )
    this treat look so good! yum!

    i am hoping you feel better, my dear friend.
    ps: liss is an incredibly talented photographer!

  2. Oh Thanks Christina, I am very excited and look forward to my super special gift in the mail. Thanks sooo much and yes Liss is wonderful and an Aussie yeah I love finding Aussie bloggers too.

  3. We do have a bit in common. I am all for seafood and daiquiris, movies with friends & Aussie bloggers.

    Thank you & Christian for the wonderful compliments too. (I'm blushing)

    Sorry to hear about the antibiotics but I am sure you will still enjoy your trip to Brisy.

    I am glad you liked my magnets as they were an experiment with the ttv(through the viewfinder) method do in photoshop.

  4. I'll watch the movie:) Your eye should be showing improvement by the weekend..Have fun!

  5. Kim, I hope your eye is BETTER, a lot BETTER by now. You get away with the girls sounds fab.

  6. Hi! I'm here from SITS and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I hope your eye gets better real soon.

    It sounds like you have great plans for the weekend. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  7. Antibiotics for two months? Wowzers that's a long time!

    Atonement just about broke my heart when I watched it. I was a blubbering mess at the end.

    p.s. Thanks so much for stopping by last week on my SITS feature day!


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